Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sankranti means something new

Sankranti means that today there should be something new. The Kundalini has awakened within you, so as compared to what you were, you have become a new person.

But on the day of Sankranti you should know that you have to please the Goddess who is sitting within you. What should you do to make Her happy? Distribute sesame seeds and jaggery. This is for love. To increase the love for each other, we give sesame seeds and jaggery.

Today the Sun left its place and, in its northward movement, came towards us. At this moment we should be very thankful to the Sun. It is by the grace of the Sun that so many things take place in our country of which we are quite unaware. We should do namaskar to the Sun today and His power, His knowledge should come into us.

I would say that all of you have become realized and vibrations are flowing through you. Now you should make use of these vibrations, establish the Shakti within you, establish the peace within you and show the world that this power within is for us and we have to acquire it. Nurture this with your good qualities and truthful speech.

Today is special because the Sun is particularly benevolent towards us and we should thank Him for all this.

You have received a lot. There is more to come. You will get more. We should increase it.

Sankranti Puja, 17th January 2008
(Translated from Hindi)
(DCB March-April 2008)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year’s Message

So today’s New Year’s message is that next year you must give self-realization to many people. How many people you have given self-realization? That’s the main thing.

Just find out. What have you done throughout the year? I don’t know how to count it. But you yourself count. “What have we done all these years? What have we achieved?”

Attending My Puja is no favor to Me, or doing anything for the Puja is no favor to Me. My greatest Puja is that of human beings; and if you can achieve and spread Sahaja Yoga that fast, I’ll be very, very grateful to you.

I have worked very hard, I have really worked very hard. This Body, this Mind, all My Health, everything I have done for saving people. And you please also tonight decide and take a view that “What Mother is saying is very important and precious.”

We have to, we have to rise and give realization to people. But which is not so common — I am surprised — why people are behaving in this manner who are realized souls?

All my blessings for the New Year, for all of you ‘Happy New Year’! But — next year should be full of many Sahaja Yogis who have done work and who have achieved something great.

May God bless you.

H.H.Shri Mataji
New Year Puja, India, 2001-12-31
DCB July- August 2002

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Four days that are celebrated in Diwali

First of all you have to know there are four days that are celebrated in Diwali, but there is one more day added to it in Maharashtra.

The first day of Diwali is called as Dhanatrayodashi, is the thirteenth day of the moon. Because that day is the first day when Lakshmi, the first… was born on the thirteenth day. That means She was born as a Gruha Lakshmi, as a housewife.

Now there are eight Lakshmis, which she will read it now and I will tell you later on what is the meaning of them. Just of them is Gruha Lakshmi.

So the first is the form of a Gruha Lakshmi. She is born as a Gruha Lakshmi to begin with. That means the awareness of human beings also, started really getting into evolutionary process when they started their family life. When they were vagabonds moving about, then the awareness was just like animals. Though they had become human beings, but they were like animals.

Then when they established their families, then the Gruha Lakshmi started working and that's how the first advent of Gruha Lakshmi was felt. So She is the first Lakshmi who was born, and that's why on that thirteenth day is the day of the Gruha Lakshmi, of the housewife. And so one has to go in the market and buy some utensil or something that she uses for cooking in the house.

In India on the thirteenth day everyone goes and buys a pot or say… we can say, what you call, a cooking utensil or something. Or they may buy a sari or something or gold or something for the Gruha Lakshmi. That is the day of the housewife. So, to reach the Lakshmi one has to understand that motherhood is very important. The motherhood as a Gruha Lakshmi is important.

And the second day is even more important, because Narakasura was killed. Horrible Narakasura as you know him. But actually that day many rakshasas are killed in many… That's the day fixed for killing rakshasas. And then they are put in the hell; on the fourteenth day they are put in the hell. So that’s called as Naraka Chaturdashi, that is the day when the hell is opened out. That day Sahaja Yogis are supposed to sleep in the night while everybody does all kinds of tantrikavidya and all that on the fourteenth day.

Then the fifteenth is that darkest night, that’s the darkest night when there is no moon. Absolutely that's the day when they celebrate the Diwali. But symbolically in India also, Shri Rama returned to Dwari, to his place on that day and was crowned on that day. So the significance of Diwali is expressed in this manner, that this is the day when Narakasura, with all of them are killed, they have all gone to Narak, they have gone to the hell, and the people now are safe from them and they are celebrating the joy.

And that is the time when Christ was born. That's why lights are lit just in the night, ‘because He was born at twelve o'clock in the night.

So the next day to that is the day is celebrated in India only in Maharashtra. I don’t know people celebrate otherwise, I don’t know. Do you celebrate?

Makes no difference. That's the first day of the moon. That is the forefather of your Mother, Shalivahana; they started a calendar, from that date. And so on the first, that means the first day of the moon, the New Year is celebrated.

Now see symbolically if Christ is born and the New Year is celebrated, next day. As soon as He is born New Year starts. So next year it starts: the New Year. That is a New Year in many parts of our country where Shalivahana lived.

The Shalivahan was my forefather, I should say they were My… they were just a dynasty. And this dynasty ruled in India since very long. Even in the old puranas it is written that they helped Krishna in their war. You know all the story about Shalivahana quite a lot. And so the New Year started. So for us, that is the New Year, for Sahaj Yogis that is the New Year, you have to accept it. And your Mother is of that dynasty. I mean no force on you, but if you like you can have it.

Then the second day is also very important. Is the second day is the moon, that is the moon came out of the sea. According to this mythology, the Lakshmi came out of the sea and with Her this moon came out, which was only a two-day-old moon, the new moon but a two-day-old moon, and this was regarded as the brother of Lakshmi, because they were born at the same time from the sea.

So He is the brother of Lakshmi. It’s all symbolic; this is very, very symbolic. Now you see the left side is… left side you know is that of… belongs to Mahakali, and a brother had to be on this side, on the left side. But actually you'll be amazed that he is the brother of Lakshmi. He is not a brother of Mahakali. But because he’s the brother of Lakshmi, he is accepted as the brother of all the goddesses, one brother for all of them. So he is the only brother who is this moon, so he is your uncle, he is your maternal uncle. It's very interesting, because we have a special right on our maternal uncle, we can always ask for his help.

And it’s a big story about this churning that took place that Shiva saw all the poison also coming out. So He drank the poison because He’s the only one who could drink the poison. And He got so heated up in His head, in His neck that He wanted something to cool Him. So He took to this Moon and put it on His head.

So the crowning is the moon. Now if you see it… on Monday is the day of Sahasrara. Monday is the day of Moon. Monday is day of Sahasrara ….. Sadashiva has put it on His head. And that’s what people tease you that, “your brother-in-law is sitting on your head.” It’s very good. You see it’s very symbolic for you, not for me, but for you- that the brother-in-law is sitting on the head.

H.H.Shri Mataji,
Diwali Puja, Hampstead, London,
9th November 1980

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