Friday, October 9, 2009

Yoga Lakshmi

Yoga Lakshmi: the Lakshmi’s power which gives you yoga. Lakshmi supports your power of yoga by giving you awareness. The power by which you take to yoga is all combined as Yoga Lakshmi. Like your affluence, you are not satisfied and you want to have yoga. The dissatisfaction you get till you have got yoga is coming from the Yoga Lakshmi.

So yoga Lakshmi means the power which gives you or takes you to your grace, by which you go to yoga, that’s yoga Lakshmi. Means the kind of a satisfaction that you seek is manifested in you though this power of Yoga Lakshmi. And then once you have achieved your yoga, you get the grace. Lakshmi is the grace.

So you get the grace of a saint. You should have the grace of a saint. You should look like a saint; you are a saint. I think better write it on your mirrors. “We are saints. We are ‘Men of God’. We have to behave like saints. We are saints.” You are. No doubt. You are ‘Men of God,’ no doubt, but you have turned your faces this way. So, this is the Yoga Lakshmi.

For example a person who has got Yoga Lakshmi doesn’t quarrel like a madcap. If he quarrels or dominates someone in a foolish way then he’s still lacking that Lakshmi point. There’s grace about it; whole way of talking and- how you talk to a saint?

So these are the eight-fold paths by which one has to grace oneself. This is the attire of this… and today you have asked for it. May God give you that power.

H.H.Shri Mataji, Diwali Puja, Hampstead London, 9th November 1980

Yoga Lakshmi- The one who gives you Yoga. That power is within you, that is the power of Lakshmi within you, means you give others the Yoga. When you give the power of Yoga to others, I mean when you use your power of yoga, then you don’t behave like a monkey or a donkey or a horse but you do it with grace, do it such a manner that it is very gracious, i.e. What you call, in a gentle, dignified, majestic way. So this is what it is.

Now when you have sung it in this manner, this power has been bestowed upon you. Now even, if you want you cannot behave indignified way. You are fixed. Thank you very much.

H.H.Shri Mataji, Diwali Puja, Italy, 25th October 1987

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