Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Love is the message of Adi Shakti


Why did Adi Shakti create this world? Why did all this happen? Why don't we think why so much of love, so much of prosperity has been given to us? We never realize where are we and how much we have got.

It is not the money but the love and when you will understand we really love each other and there is no hatred, there is no revenge. Nothing. But just love and love and love, this is what is the message of today. We all have to be loving each other. We have to have all kinds of rituals but it is only expression of our love it is not just a ritual it is love.

When you have love of the Mother, how do we express? In the same way we have to know that today we have to promise that for us love is the most important. We should love. People don't even love in their own families. I am not talking to such people I know. They love their own families, their own village, their all surroundings, everywhere. But still the world is going on with wars, fighting and all kinds of trouble.

The whole world has to come up to love each other. There is no other solution but to love and in that love there is no selfishness but enjoyment and that enjoyment you should feel and give it to others. I'm sure you all Sahaja Yogis are doing that and you are seeing the mistakes of the others and not to get anybody into trouble.

Love is the message of Adi Shakti. Now you think about it one Adi Shakti created the whole world. How She must have done it? What She must have planned? How She must have organized it? It is not easy thing. Only because She loved.

Her love is the expression that you are all there and that is why to be one with Her one should learn to love. Of course in that you have to know that you should forgive. If you don't know how to forgive and find mistakes of other people, you won't help.

What is your now job is, is to see that you are loving, that there is no hatred for anyone. You don't think of hating someone or hitting somebody. This has to work out. I'm sure this will work out.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Shri Adi Shakti Puja
Cabella 24th June 2007
(DCB September–October 2007)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year’s Message


So today’s New Year’s message is that next year you must give self-realization to many people. How many people you have given self-realization? That’s the main thing.

Just find out. What have you done throughout the year? I don’t know how to count it. But you yourself count. “What have we done all these years? What have we achieved?”

Attending My Puja is no favor to Me, or doing anything for the Puja is no favor to Me. My greatest Puja is that of human beings; and if you can achieve and spread Sahaja Yoga that fast, I’ll be very, very grateful to you.

I have worked very hard, I have really worked very hard. This Body, this Mind, all My Health, everything I have done for saving people. And you please also tonight decide and take a view that “What Mother is saying is very important and precious.”

We have to, we have to rise and give realization to people. But which is not so common — I am surprised — why people are behaving in this manner who are realized souls?

All my blessings for the New Year, for all of you ‘Happy New Year’! But — next year should be full of many Sahaja Yogis who have done work and who have achieved something great.

May God bless you.

H.H.Shri Mataji
New Year Puja, India, 2001-12-31
DCB July- August 2002

Our Divine Mother..!