Monday, July 6, 2015

Just meditate

When you feel bored ,
deeply worried,
under the peak of tensions,
just meditate

When you have to do your task,
When your face is like a sad mask,
just meditate

When failure comes with might,
And loving one depart,
Have courage with patience and ,
just meditate

When you are disliked,
Insulted or scolded,
Don’t lose heart, but
Just meditate

It makes one happy, my friend
To keep your mind sound,
And your body healthy, so
Just meditate.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Shri Hanumana teaches how to surrender


Also in Sahaja Yoga I have relationships with you as a Guru, as a Mother, and I don’t know, unlimited. But still, these two relationships we know of that I am your Mother and I’m your Guru. Now, as a Guru, My main concern is that you should learn all about Sahaja Yoga.

You should become experts of Sahaja Yoga and you should become yourself the gurus. It’s the only concern I have. But for that complete surrender is required. Islam means surrender. So, you have to surrender. If you are surrendered then only you can learn what is the way you will handle Sahaja Yoga.

Now, even this surrendering is done by Shri Hanumana. He’s the one who teaches you how to surrender or makes you surrender, because egoistical people don’t surrender. Then He puts some sort of hurdles or some sort of miracles or some tricks by which then a disciple surrenders himself to the Guru. Otherwise he’s not surrendered, he finds it difficult to surrender and the force that acts to make him surrender to the Guru is also that of Hanumana.

So not that He is only surrendered, but He makes others also to be surrendered, because only of ego you cannot surrender, so He’s the one who fights your ego and He puts it down and makes you surrender. So, in His own expression I would say that what He has shown that there’s a very beautiful area of right side.

If it is to be perfectly enjoyed then you should be completely surrendered to your Guru as if you are the servant of that Guru.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Shri Hanumana Puja
Frankfurt (Germany) 31st August 1990

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Shri Hanumana gives us mental understanding


If Ganesha gives us the wisdom, then He gives us the power to think. He protects us also that we should not think of bad things. That is we can say that, that if Ganesha gives us the wisdom, then Shri Hanumana gives us the conscience. I hope you understand the difference between the two.

Wisdom is where you do not need conscience so much because you are wise: you know what is good, what is bad. But conscience is needed in a personality where he is to be controlled and that control comes from Shri Hanumana which is the conscience in the human being.

Now, this conscience, which is Shri Hanumana, is the subtle form of Him, which gives us – is in Sanskrit called as Satasatvivekabuddhi, means, sat means truth, asat means untruth and viveka means the discrimination and buddhi means the intelligence. So, intelligence to discriminate between the truth and untruth is given to us by Shri Hanumana.

In the Sahaja Yoga system, if we say that Ganesha is the one who gives us, He’s the adyaksha, means He is the, I call Him as the chancellor of the university. He is the one who goes on degree to us, “Now, you have crossed this chakra, that chakra, that chakra.” And He helps us to know that what state we are in.

So, the Ganesha gives us say, nirvichara samadhi, which we can call it as the thoughtless awareness, and nirvikalpa samadhi. He gives all that and also He gives us joy.

But the understanding that “this is good, this is for our benevolence” – mental understanding – comes to us from Shri Hanumana.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Shri Hanumana Puja
Frankfurt (Germany) 31st August 1990

Our Divine Mother..!