Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sankranti means something new

Sankranti means that today there should be something new. The Kundalini has awakened within you, so as compared to what you were, you have become a new person.

But on the day of Sankranti you should know that you have to please the Goddess who is sitting within you. What should you do to make Her happy? Distribute sesame seeds and jaggery. This is for love. To increase the love for each other, we give sesame seeds and jaggery.

Today the Sun left its place and, in its northward movement, came towards us. At this moment we should be very thankful to the Sun. It is by the grace of the Sun that so many things take place in our country of which we are quite unaware. We should do namaskar to the Sun today and His power, His knowledge should come into us.

I would say that all of you have become realized and vibrations are flowing through you. Now you should make use of these vibrations, establish the Shakti within you, establish the peace within you and show the world that this power within is for us and we have to acquire it. Nurture this with your good qualities and truthful speech.

Today is special because the Sun is particularly benevolent towards us and we should thank Him for all this.

You have received a lot. There is more to come. You will get more. We should increase it.

Sankranti Puja, 17th January 2008
(Translated from Hindi)
(DCB March-April 2008)


sulaxna said...

jai Shree Mata Ji!!!!

thanks for letting us know the meaning of giving seasme seeds & jaggery...be4 sehaj also we distribute...but dont know the meaning...thanks thnaks thanks...thanks verryyyy much Shree Mata Ji

isha said...

Thank you mother for telling us the meaning of Sankranti.  I was not at all aware of what it is.  Earlier i used to ask people that what to do on Sankranti and what it is all about.  Now I will tell others.  Thank you mother for letting us know this.  Thank you for your blessings.

Our Divine Mother..!