Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Queen of Heaven

When I was but a child I first saw the Queen of Heaven
She stood swathed in silken grab with golden hue
Her face it shone towards me with love and light
I will come and I will protect you is what She said to me
And She did come and She did protect me

When I was still a child I saw the Queen of Heaven once more
She stood upon the Earth ringed in fiery glow
My fear was for my heavenly Mother but She turned and said
I am your Mother I will allow no harm to come to you or me
I fell at Her Feet and prayed I never had to leave

I am older now and the world intrudes
My Mother still protects me and loves me more
But what of me, am I still at my Mothers Feet
I may not be constant and I may not be perfect but
She is within my heart and She is the soul of me

(Auriol Purdie)

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