Monday, October 5, 2009

The Promise of honesty

Today– the day is considered auspicious because several great events happened. For example Sitaji returned home, during the period Ramachandraji, during Krishna’s times and several other great events that took place. They were all worked out by these great realized souls.

That is why, in the first place, you must take an oath today “We will not commit dishonesty any more for sure and if anyone does, then we shall ensure that he is caught.” But I find the blacks are at war with the whites in this country- any one fighting with the other. What they want is India to be divided into fragments. It is not going to make any difference. How is it going to benefit? It is only when you remain honest and you possess a good moral character.

Whatever you have learnt from the British, there is nothing worth learning from them. They are all in a bad state these days. But we have to save our own country and also to save the entire world. It is a great responsibility. You have been realized and the light has come within you. Yet if you want to jump into the ditch, then what can anyone do? Everyone should come up together to make an effort.

I want the Sahaja Yogis to constitute a committee. In case you come across any cheating, you should report to the committee. Then let us see what the committee does. In this way, you will be recognized. In this way, you will be elevated to higher positions.

So first of all, you should not become dishonest and also prevents other from becoming. This is very important. It is a great blemish on your country. There is adulteration in the edible oil, adulteration in the ghee. At every nook and corner you will find people laughing at us in mockery. No one has faith in us. In fact, the best people are in India. Nowhere, so many people have not been realized. They have not earned any punyas. Therefore, it is nobler to earn punyas than to earn money. There are innumerable poor people. Look at them.

So today is a very auspicious day and also a day of anand. Why joy? Because on this day we are blessed with heaven and we desire to be in heaven only. But cowards can never ascend to heaven. There is no need to be scared of anything.

Well, what on Earth is going to happen if you earn few paise less or more? All of you have become rich. I can see that. I have been coming here for the past seventeen or eighteen years now. All of you have become richer than before. The standard of living now has become better than before. But from morning until evening there is dishonesty, dishonesty and dishonesty. Thus the path is laid before you. All right, just take a resolution today that we shall not do any dishonesty and, if there is anyone, then we shall collectively oppose him.

Why were you blessed with Sahaja Yoga? Why were you given Realization? It was because you will emit light. If you do not possess light within, then how can you enlighten the outside? And focus that light to realize whether you are helping the dishonest? Nothing happens if you earn a little less or more. If you are honest, then God helps you. Why do so many people die in our country and nowhere else? The reason it is that they are to go to hell.

So you should know that if you commit dishonesty, then you have already established your first step to hell and you don’t need to utter lies in the second place at all. You must speak the truth. The man who speaks the truth becomes unique. If he practices Sahaja Yoga, then it can be remarkable. Like today, as you are remembering the Sufis, similarly people will remember you. You don’t need to do anything- only expose those who are dishonest. That is important.

People are protesting here over the issue of the dumping of garbage into the Yamunaji. Don’t throw this or that. Now, is this also to be taught? I have been to so many countries. Nowhere is waste disposed into any river. Then why are you so lazy? There are so many facilities available over here, like you can hand it over to the municipality or dispose of it elsewhere. But if you are accumulating the waste yourself, then what can you do?

H.H.Shri Mataji
Diwali Puja, Delhi
10th November 2007
DCB July-August 2008

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