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The mothering energy that is lying dormant at the base of the spine in the sacrum bone. This energy is awakened by Self-Realization to begin its work of cleansing and balancing our energy centers.


The attention is a very important faculty within us. It is often damaged by over-emphasis on the intellectual side of our nature. So the attention itself must be cleansed, steadied and healed. This is a natural process performed by Kundalini.


These are subtle energy centers that are located at the sites of the main nervous plexuses. A chakra is a wheel (this is the literal Sanskrit meaning) of energy. There are seven main chakras in our subtle system, which relate to the stages of evolution. Once awakened (i.e., after realization) they begin to emit vibrations, expressing the unique qualities of the divine within us. It is in this sense that we are created in the image of God. Physical, mental and emotional problems can also be traced to an imbalance in one or several chakras.


A catch occurs when the efficient functioning of the chakra is impaired. This blocks the passage of the Kundalini through that chakra to a higher level. Chakras can become distorted and bruised, and this is the root cause of problems in our lives. Once the Kundalini starts to naturally repair bruised chakras, the problems will disappear. It is very important, however, not to focus attention on catches. Keep your attention on the Kundalini and on the positive aspects of your ascent.


This is the reflection of the divine which is present within us. The object of Sahaja Yoga is to fully become Spritual Self, which is the true Self. By virtue of Kundalini awekening, the Spirit can be perceived and felt in our attention, and we can then live and act in harmony with the divine.


Once Kundalini is awakened, vibrations can be felt on the palms of the hand, in the body and on top of the head. Everything in creation emits vibrations, but the ability to feel them comes only with Kundalini awakening. Anyone or anything emitting cool (not cold) vibrations is balanced and “holy”. Hot, tingling vibrations are emitting when there is an imbalance or lack of harmony with the Spirit.

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