Thursday, July 31, 2008

Relationship between the womb and the Mother Earth

"So today we have to understand that it is time for the Motherly qualities to develop. Even a man, when he becomes motherly only, becomes a great man. Like Christ, when he had compassion, he was called a saint. So the quality of woman as a Mother- Goddess is always as a Mother -and She is the power most important to ignite Sahaja Yoga.

But earth is very different fro
m this dynamic power that is flowing through those wire, which are zero, which means nothing. In the same way, in woman, the womb of a woman is the Kundalini. Now what is a womb? If that is the Kundalini that expresses the Kundalini in gross: that means the Mother Earth is also like the womb. Now what does a womb do? It receives the sperm. It is just a frivolous act of man or you can say just aggression, and She then nourishes it and looks after it, corrects it and allows it to grow, not in an aggressive way but in a very compassionate and sensible way, till it is expelled out of the womb when it is grown up. So the idea of womb is that the expression has to be in such a manner that it does not dominate. It does not dominate the embryo. If it dominates how can it grow? So it nourishes it and makes it. That is what today's Sahaja Yoga is. That now the Mother Earth is the one, who is symbolized within you as the Mooladhara, symbolized as the Adishakti here, is sitting down before you to nourish you, to make you grow into new personalities -into mature personalities. This concept we must understand"

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
(Mother Earth, Subirton Ashram, 21-08-1983)

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