Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Another power that Shri Ganesha has is that he generates innocence within you. We respect our innocence and our chastity; we respect a life style which is decent. In every scripture it is written that we should dress up in a way that is decent and decorous and our body should not in any way express an indecent feeling or behaviour on our part. This is the reason why in Sahaja Yoga we have to be very particular how we dress up. Our dress should be decent, dignified and in no way show vulgarity. Innocence is the most important thing a human being should have and it is the complete decoration of a human being one should look after one’s own chastity and morality. In some countries they think that chastity is meant only for women and not for men. It is meant for both. Like men trying to force women to be chaste and they themselves are not chaste, the women will not be chaste. They may try to be out of fear, but if they get a chance they will take to a life style which is wrong. They feel if men can do it, why not us. So the whole society has to take a very decent, decorous and dignified lifestyle. It's not only in dress but in day to day life, otherwise a kind of insecurity starts working among men and women and too much of a complicated life style starts. (21.07.1993, Germany)

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