Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mooladhara as the abode of Gauri - Why Gauri produced Shri Ganesha

Mooladhara as the abode of Gauri - Why Gauri produced Shri Ganesha Gauri is the mother of Shri Ganesha and She produced Shri Ganesha because She was having a bath and to protect Her chastity She produced Shri Ganesha. In the same way, Kundalini is the Gauri and we have got Ganesha sitting in the Mooladhara chakra. So we have got Mooladhara as the abode of Gauri, of Kundalini, and the protection of the Kundalini is done by Shri Ganesha.

As you know, Shri Ganesha is the deity, which is for our innocence. Only Shri Ganesha could be there in that picture because, as you know, the pelvic plexus looks after all the excretory functions and it is Shri Ganesha only who can really stay there without getting dirtied by the surroundings. He's so pure. He's so innocent. While the Kundalini is the virgin, the virgin mother of Shri Ganesha, people have started talking against Mary by saying there was something wrong, "How could a virgin get a child?" Because we do not understand that it is God and in the area of God anything is possible. They're above all these things and they can create anything, and in any way, Ganesha had to be born out of a virgin because He was so pure.

So Kundalini has to be supported by Shri Ganesha. If Shri Ganesha is weak, then Kundalini cannot be supported. Shri Ganesha has to support Her in the awakening part, first of all. When the Kundalini is getting awakened Shri Ganesha stops all the functions that it has to work. All the functions are stopped so that, you must have seen, I sit for nine hours, ten hours sometimes;I don't get up because all functions of Shri Ganesha, everything stops when the Kundalini is rising. She's fully supported and looked after by Shri Ganesha. (08.04.1991, New Zealand)

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