Monday, August 25, 2008

Surrender to the Subtler Being

We can only understand dedication of something, which looks bigger in a gross way, which appears in a gross way. But we cannot dedicate ourselves to something that is so much subtler, which is so minute, which is so much deeper, which is so much effective, which is so much dynamic, so universal and so eternal. We cannot think of dedicating ourselves to that. We can surrender ourselves to somebody who looks like a mountain, who comes to oppress us like a mountain, which is like false guru. But to surrender to your subtler being - which you cannot see with your eyes, which is not audible, but, in effect is so powerful; like the atomic bomb when the atom is split - when it is not split, it is everywhere. But at the subtlest point it is so dynamic, that when you separate it, it becomes such a dynamic force of destruction. As your attention has now penetrated into the subtler side of this universe, get deep and deeper into it. (31, 07, 1982, UK) All these things are to be understood after realization, and after maturity. Before that it is not possible. Beyond all these conceptions you have become your Self, now ready, to be responsible, to be what you are made for. Like the ship is built, is brought to the sea, tried, and found out to be sea-worthy to sail out now, into the sea. So this is the second phase where you have to sail out, when you know everything about the ship, everything about the sea. With complete freedom and wisdom, you have to sail now. Not afraid of any storms or any hails or any typhoons because now all you know, your job is to cross through. (31, 07, 1982, UK)

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