Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Discretion is a deep seated knowledge or wisdom

Discretion is to be understood very deeply within ourselves. And how we develop discretion is very important in Sahaja Yoga. But before we go to that, let us see how this discretion plays a part, very much in the manifestation of our expressions outside. We are the people, in the West, who always try to express ourselves outside. It’s very important how you look, it’s very important where you look, what you look at, what you see. It’s very important that your appearance should be good. [They are] very particular, they spend lots of time in improving their appearance. This is the minimum. Then they have a method by which we call the Medias. The country speaks or manifests through the Medias. And the Medias have to have training. Every country has its specialty one better than the other. And when you see all of them you find they lack discretion completely. Also in our speech, in our expression of literature, expression of poetry, expression of our relationships with others, any kind of expression, requires discretion which is a deep-seated knowledge or wisdom.

Hamsa Puja, Germany, July 1988

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