Monday, September 15, 2008

Everyday is your birthday

So instead of wasting all your energy for decorating all these things, you should decorate yourself, within yourself. With sincerity, with nice thoughts about yourself that you are capable, absolutely capable people and you can use your imagination, your intelligence, rationality, whatever these things you have to find the way - to find the way, again I say - to keep your heart large. And this the message for today's birthday all over the world because I felt that the whole world was today like a big heart pulsating. I received the last phone and came here. From all over the phones coming, flowers are showering, the beautiful nice things they are saying. Everything is there. When I am just drenched into it, just drenched - it was too much for Me. Such sweet things for the children, from the children, such things from the ladies, some very, very nice from the men and it was amazing how these people are bubbling with enjoyment that today is My birthday.

In the same way, please consider that everyday is your birthday, that you have to raise your Kundalini all the time and keep the standard of your Kundalini higher and higher. The more you open out, the more threads of Kundalini will come up and the more your heart will open out and it will be awakened, it'll become more powerful...."

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
(21.03.1990, Australia, Birthday Puja)

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