Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How Brahma Chaitanya and Mahamaya works!

To stay in centre, become "Sharnagat" (surrendered). Say "you are every thing mother, so you do every thing". It is complete surrender.

The complete form of the "Brahma-Chaitanya", I have brought from the sea. So now, I do not allow you to get dissolve in it. I have put it in the form of a big "Ghata"(Matka). In that, you are smaller Matkas. In other words, I have taken you all in My Body as small cells, nourishing you, looking after you, cleansing you & working it out. But I am MAHA-MAYA. So I have to work out very slowly, gradually, and at the right time and right point.

The Bhrahma-Chaitanya is the Adi-Shakti and Sada-Shiva is also in my heart. But since I am so much humanized, it is not so easy to find it out. If you tell this to modern human beings, they will not understand. To bear this truth is so difficult. These days, it is difficult to bear money, leave alone that, even to bear ones own position. They become so shaky. So for them, to bear the fact that I encompass all the incarnations is too difficult to bear".

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
(Shiv Puja, 26.2.1987. Bombay)

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