Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How our Swaraswati tattwa transforms into the Maha Swaraswati tattwa?

This feeling that you are Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Brahma samajis etc., has no base. You are nothing but a human being, you are born a human. You have branded yourself that you are something. You are neither Bengali nor Marathi. You are just a human being. By branding yourself you create more problems. This brand becomes so important that you cannot see anything beyond it. Till this catch does not release this blindness will not go because you see everything in such away that only your way is right. In the west it is even more so. If you put anything into their brains and tell them that are good, then they will follow it blindly. The critics there also criticize every art form so much. Another critic will refute what the first critic has refuted. Nothing comes to you from within yourself and your brain. Whatever others have filled in is accepted. Each is branded. By this the ego rises and a person thinks that he is very great personality and very unique from others. He becomes an individual. The essence of truth is that we are all one, are Whole, are a totality. When we go in the opposite to it then you become individualistic and go on becoming more and more separate. This is true that one leaf does not resemble another but all of them are on the same tree. They are all a part and parcel of the Virata. When we separate ourselves then the Swaraswati tattwa, which should become Maha Swaraswati tattwa does not.

When you live in the Maha Swaraswati tattwa you start seeing in your daily life that you are the Whole, and we are one. So when an artist creates he makes some such things that one accepts from the heart. All the works that we do of Swaraswati should be dedicated and surrendered to the Divine. If this happens then all such works will be immortal. All poems, music, songs, art forms which were offered in the name of God are still living today. Like today's film music comes and dies down. But the songs of Kabir, Gyaneshwara are still remembered. Through their self-realization they obtained the Maha Swaraswati Shakti and whatever they wrote or created that light was of a unique kind. These were creations that united the world into one. One should not only move on Swaraswati tattwa as this limits you. One should move on the Maha Swaraswati tattwa. If Swaraswati tattwa is the seed then the tree is Maha Swaraswati. Till you do not make this seed into the Maha Swaraswati till then you cannot merge with MahaLaxmi. The gift of MahaLaxmi within you is that you get your self-realization. All the three, i.e.,, Maha Laxmi , Maha Swaraswati and Maha Kali meet at Agnya".

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
(Maha Swaraswati Puja , Calcutta, 03.02.1992)

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