Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How Sahaja Yogis have to become themselves Ekadesh Rudra!

If you cannot enjoy Sahaja Yoga, then you should know that something is wrong with you. If you cannot feel happy in Sahaja Yoga then you must know there is something definitely wrong with you. If you cannot enjoy the company of Sahaja Yogis, then it is sure that something is wrong with you. If you cannot laugh and appreciate the greatness of God, then something is wrong with you. If you are still worried about negative people and their problems then know that there is something wrong with you. If you have sympathies with negative people, then also there something wrong with you. But if you have anger for negative and all that is negative that is against Sahaja Yoga, then you are there. When this thing gets matured then you become the power of "Ekadesh Rudra" your self.
Any body, who will try to insult you or to do any harm, will collapse. It has happened with many people who tried to be insulting to me or try to harm me or any way. Sometimes I am quite worried about them. So one has to be in such a way that they become the Ekadesh. Nobody can touch such people. But such a person is full of compassion and forgiveness. As a result Ekadesh acts much faster. The more compassionate you are the more powerful Ekadesh becomes. The more collective you become the more Ekadesh acts. Many people have a habit of receding back into their exclusion and saying that we better be at home and it is alright; but they don't know what they are missing. Whatever may be your experience with others you should stick on together, always attend programmes, take leadership go ahead with it, work it out and you will be blessed thousand folds.
Ekadesh Rudra have all the powers, I would say, of destruction, together. It is destructive power of Shri Ganesha. It is destructive power of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha. It is the destructive power of the Mother, It is the destructive power of Ganesha and four of these are Bhairava and Hanumana, Karttikeya and Ganesha. Also, the powers of Sadashiva and of the Adishakti. All the destructive powers of all the incarnations are Ekadesh. Now the last but not the least is the destructive power of Hiranyagarbha, which is collective Brahmadeva. And this power when it acts, every atom explodes the whole atomic energy goes into a destructive power. So thus the complete total destructive power is Ekadesh Rudra.
So, after the Ekadesh Rudra, ultimately the complete destruction comes through the anger of Sadashiva; when the final total destruction takes place. So thus we have seen how Ekadesh Rudra acts and how Sahaja Yogies have to become themselves Ekadesh Rudra

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
(Ekadesh Rudra Puja…6.9.84)

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