Friday, September 5, 2008

How to go Deeper (Australian Newsletter)

  • Surrender the day to Mother, Who does everything and ask Her to come in your heart.
  • Give Self-Realisation.. Give Self-Realisation daily....
  • Ask Mother to take away the negativity that stops you from giving self realisation as you go throught your day. Ask Mother to give you opportunities to give self realisation. When you do this people will just fall on your path, ready.
  • Meditate, Meditate, Meditate.
  • As spiritual growth only happens when there are no thoughts. So after clearing out process, ie affirmations, treatments and mantras give equal if not double the amount of time to sitting quietly, absolutely still and thoughtless to allow the kundalini to continue her work and deepen you.
  • Listen to Mother's talks. Study ancient scriptures and the lives and works of great realised souls and aspirants of the spiritual quest.
  • If you feel anything un-confortable, stick with it and try to observe what is happening to your subtle system and chakras. Then clear it out.
  • Get involve in your local meeting (SY center), help set up, give your opinion, work on people.
  • Lead a meditation. Take under your wing two new people, keep in touch with them, develop and encourage them and help them settle into the collective.
  • Invite new people and yogis to your home for 'go deeper' meetings or for socials that include a meditation session.
  • Always try to leave someone feel better than you first encountered them.
  • Love someone when they are at there worst because that is when they need it most.
  • Follow through on any project ideas you might have, share with others and make it happen.
  • Don't talk unless you can improve on the silence. Talk when the spirit moves you and then with sweet vibrations in your voice.
  • Live collectively, meditate collectively.
  • Be together even when you are apart. Talk on phone or sending and receiving encouraging and uplifting emails to each other during the day can boost your vibrations in the middle of your workplace.
  • Sit on earth whenever you can.
  • Say Ganesha Atharva Sheersha and 108 names of Mother in the morning.
  • Wear Mother's badge or pendant, visibly, when out in public, at work.
  • Always carry Sahaja Yoga leaflets/business cards with you.
  • Cook for yodgis. Not only do you get great vibrations yourself, you pass them on to create happy nabhi in others.
  • Go up to a new person and introduce yourself at every meeting. Make a point of speaking to a yogi brother or sister you have never spoken to before every time you attend the meeting.
  • Make an effort to meet/talk to other yogis.
  • Exchange vibrations. Offer to work on other yogis.
  • Accept that everything you react is your problem and not the other person or situation.
  • Encourage praise and motivate each other. Be honest and respectful to each other.
  • Introspect daily. See what your ego and superego have been up to and correct them.
  • Say "Thank You" to Mother for vibrations when you feel them, and never take them for granted.

And finally - How to go deeper?

Just ask Mother - just pray. Because we don't do anything at all. The experience of a deeper union with Mother is bestowed on you. Its a gift, it's precious and usually happens when you have done in particular.

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