Monday, September 29, 2008

Improve the Special Quality in you

And second point is that we think that if we love each other, if we love Mother, that is the end of everything. It's not true, also because you see, your love for Me is there no doubt, and it should be intense, it should be deeper, but the deeper you go into that love, then you will be surprised how you receive a special quality of correcting the things that are wrong around you. Gradually that quality improves. For example, a Sahaja Yogi goes to anybody's house, that house must become auspicious. But such a Sahaja Yogi must have a good heart. If the heart is not good, in the heart there is still anger, passion, lust, greed, then such a heart won't affect. But a person who has purified himself, if he goes into any family, any household, any society, the whole change will take place. The circumstances will change. Things that do not work out will start working out immediately. Like they said: "Mother, as soon as You sent from this Sunday, everything started working out, as far as the television is concerned and radio is concerned." I didn't do anything - in a way! But that should happen with you also.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,
extract from 'The need to go deeper', Sydney, 6/5/87

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