Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shri Krishna, once said 'Oh God! I have terrible pain in My stomach'

"I will tell you a very sweet story of Shri Krishna and Radha. And then I will go away. Once it happened that the ladies who were married to Shri Krishna got very jealous of Radhaji. And they told Shri Krishna that you don't love us. On top of that Shri Narada came to put more oil on the fire. That he said,' He really, I believe, He never cares for you, He just likes Radhaji. He is not bothered'.

So Shri Krishna, as diplomatic as He was, He started saying. 'Oh God! I have terrible pain in My stomach, now what to do? So they said, now what to do? He said,' it is very simple. You know anyone who is my bhakta (devotee), if you can give the dust of your feet to Me to eat, then I will be alright.' So they got fright of their of life, you see.

As it is if I ell you anything, you just want to give your solution every time. Nobody listens to Me . if I say go here ,'No no it is better to go that way.' Come here 'no no, this way is better'. Everybody has a brain wave about it. Doesn't matter. So there they had brain waves. They said you see why don't you take some medicines? Then somebody said we would call the vaidya. He said, 'No, no I know for definite that I cannot be cured by anything else but one thing, that you have to get the dust of one of My bhaktas, and I will eat.'
So everybody started looking at each other. You see. As some of the Sahaja yogis do when it comes to paying! They never heard it. Some of them never heard. Better. You see, it is very tricky nature. So they said now what to do. If we do not cure Shri Krishna, He is just wailing and what to do/ Shri Krishna said,' Have some pity on Me, give Me some dust of your feet' so He said to Narada that you go ask Radha to send dust of Her Feet. So he went to Shri Radha, Shri Radhaji was in Vrindaban, and the soil of that place is yellowish in colour like Kesara, like Saffron. So he went and told that Shri Krishna is very sick, He has got terrible pain in His stomach.

She got fright. She said, "Really? How can that be, I cannot believe it. So what does He say? What treatment can He take? He says anyone of His disciples, anybody of His bhaktas , if they send a little of the dust of their feet, He will be alright. He has to take that as medicine. So She said alright, take the dust of My feet. He was amazed! He said, "What are you doing? You understand, if You give him the dust of your feet, then all your punyas (merits) will be lost. He is playing some trick you know. Just don't try this thing. She said,"Nothing doing, You better take it." But he said,"what about your punyas and papas" she said, " I know one thing. It is He, who looks after My papas and punyas. I have not to think about it."

So he took the dust of Her feet, which was absolutely yellow like saffron or like pollen of the flower. And he went and gave it to Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna said" I knew Shri Radha will send, now let me eat It.' He said, " You can eat, but you have to answer the question, that Shri Radha has said that you look after Her papas and punyas. How is it? How can it be? What does that mean? That You know what is punyas and what papas are and She is not bothered about it. She has not to worry about Her papas and punyas." He said, "Alright, now let me take the medicine." He took the medicine and said I better sleep. And Shri Narada saw the heart of Shri Krishna open and in the heart was the lotus of a very beautiful pink colour. On that lotus was lying Shri Radhaji. And Her feet were rubbing against the pollen of that lotus and the yellow of the Vrindaban clay was the same colour as that. And then he realized that when She is touching that lotus with Her feet, what does it matter if She gives the dust of Her feet to Shri Krishna to take. She is in His heart. When Her feet are in His heart, what does it matter? And that is how they realized that Shri Radha's love was so great that for Her She did not think of Dharma -Adharma, but just to be a t the command of Her Lord, She acted, and that is how She had a place in the heart of Shri Krishna."
(Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,) (Compiled from booklet " Marriages in Sahaja Yoga", 1987Ganapatipule)

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Beautiful story! :)

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