Friday, September 5, 2008

To deal with Anger

"If you have an anger, say, for example, which makes you uncontrollable, then there is a mantra for that : Shanti. "Ya Devi Sarva-bhooteshu, Shanti Roopena Samsthita", you must ask for that Bliss, for that Peace. This is the mantra for you, for controlling your temper, you have to tell yourself, "Ya Devi Sarva-bhooteshu, Shanti Roopena Samsthita". So Shanti is the point, the axis point is that, from where you witness everything. You are in Shanti; you are in complete peace. You are not in turmoil even if you are angry. You are not in turmoil. Whatever is angry is the power, and the power is taking charge. But peacefulness never mean cowardice, nothing can transgress it, nothing can overpower it. It is never, never possible that cowardice and peace can go together. But first eastablish that position within you, where you do not allow anger to sit on your head. That is the growth. That's the growth, that you are at peace. Both ways you should know, that one is the anger that is detached, is perfectly alright. Anger which involves you, work it out. So judge yourself as to what it is."

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John Noyce said...

Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in London, August 1982.

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