Thursday, September 18, 2008

Turiya - The fourth state of consciousness

This is the state which we call, in Sanskrit language, as the fourth dimension awareness: Turiya

All the thoughts that come to us at this stage are divine thoughts like inspirations.

If we want to think, we can think, if we don’t want to think, we need not think.

This Turiya state sometimes starts establishing itself after awakening for hardly a few seconds, then it goes on increasing and a person can achieve complete peace within his own mind.

Adishankara’s Dashashloki

“… I am not Visva (aware)
nor Taijasa (dreaming)
nor Prajna (in deep sleep)
I am really the Turiya.

That One,
the Residue,
the Auspicious,
the Alone,
- am I.”

Sanskrit Dictionary:

Turiya : <<>> of consciousness.

In fact, some define it rather as the background against which the other states(waking, dreaming, deep sleep) take place.

(Extract from META MODERN ERA, chapter-11)

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