Friday, September 19, 2008

What are the Don'ts and Do's for Sahaja Yogis?

Question: What are the Don'ts and Do's for Sahaja Yogis?

Answer: First and foremost thing is that a Sahaja Yogi cannot smoke or drink. One absolutely hundred percent sure. Because if you drink or smoke, you will find after sometime, either you will lose your Vibrations, or you will start vomiting. You cannot smoke. If you smoke, your Visshuddhi will be caught. If you drink, your Manipur (Nabhi) will be caught, and whenever you put your hand towards my Photograph, your Nabhi Chakra will be burning. Many people have done it without any difficulty. They do not have any difficulty. They just give up. So this is one of the most important thing that you have to gradually give up. You just take my Name and it will work it out.Secondly. don't fast. When Mother is there you have not to fast. Only fast on Nrak Chaturdashi.

That's all. If you don't feel like eating, eat something else. But don't keep your stomach empty. You can drink fruit juice, or milk or whatever you like. These are certain things about the food and stomach Nabhi Chakra. Next the eyes, are the very important things, where you have to be very careful not to move your eyes very fast anywhere, try to keep your eyes steady, and mostly on the Mother Earth. You have heard about Laxmana, He never saw the face of Sitaji. Only saw Her feet. How can that be? He was always with them. So you can imagine what should be the position. For complete fourteen years, he has to lead a Bramhachari life. She was like his mother. He knew that She was Adi Shakti. But he just saw Her feet. That should be our case. We should lead a sanctified married life. Create a nest of family. A proper family house. Try to adopt, compromise, adjust. Make your wife realised, make your husband Realised, and bring peace in the family; because there are many great souls who want to take birth.

Those who got married like this, they all got realised children. So you must try to get a family life, a proper family, a proper relationship give service to your parents, don't find faults with your parents and try to be kind to them, and try to be good in the family. Don't spoil the children, also correct them. Make them loving. Make a nice society. Every one of you should be the carrier of Love of your Mother. If you are a Sahaja Yogi, and if you change and transform in your behaviour, naturally Sahaja Yoga will have its own reputation, and everybody will start taking to Sahaja Yoga. You cannot earn any money from Sahaja Yoga.Do not have Sahaja Yogis for business partnership.Do not use Sahaja Yoga for making money. You have to be generous people.

You have to be honest.There are Ten Commandments as they say, and be satisfied in your heart.You have to lead a chaste life, and see chaste things your priorities will change. Your friends will change, you will not like dirty jokes. You will just change, and run away from them. I have seen these foreigners now. They say t hat they just cannot tolerate those things now. Once upon a time whatever they used to tolerate and enjoy also; they cannot tolerate it now. Because you have become sensitive now. You have to be decent people.Don't be misers at all. All miserly people are against Sahaja Yoga, and if miserly people come I give them troubles. If you are miserly, you get lots of troubles. So don't get miserly. I am telling you, don't be too talkative also. If you become too talkative, and troublesome, I can stop your talking.If you don't talk at all; that is also not good. That means, don't go to extremes.

May God Bless you all.
Advice given by Her Holiness Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi on 22nd March 1977 (770322) at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

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Soldier of Adishakti Maa said...

Shri Mataji thank you for being such an awesome Mother! You taught us the meaning of righteousness..

Please Maa always guide our path.. :)

Jai Shri Mataji!

Our Divine Mother..!