Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What Is Tension?

"In these modern times we have something called tensions. It was never there before. People never talked of any tensions. Now every body says, "I am in tension, you give me a tension". What is this tension? - This is because of my advent. The limbic area wants to know about me. As Sahaja Yoga is expanding the Kundalini is trying to rise in other people because you people have become the channels. Wherever you go you generate vibrations and these vibrations give a challenge to the kundalini or a message in various people and it rises. It may not rise up to the Sahasrara or may rise and fall back due to lack of recognition. So every time they do something the kundalini comes up and gives them a pressure because their Sahasrara is not open. It is a closed door. Because of the closed door it gives them a kind of pressure in the head, which they don't understand and they call it a tension. Actually the kundalini is trying to push out itself but it cannot. Those who get their realization but do not make the Sahasrara alright face the same tensions. "

(Sahasrara Day Puja- Sorrento 6th May 1989)

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