Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who were the 16000 powers of Shri Krishna?

"Shri Krishna is so knowledgeable and cleaver, because he is the brain. He is the Virata. All His love, compassion and beauty were meant only for His gopis and gopas. So being a king His life is very mysterious to understand, but Sahaja yogis can understand.

When He became King He had to have wives: So He married five wives. Why five? Because they were five elements: they were the casuals of the five elements. He had 16000 powers. A man may be ninety years of age; if he wants to keep some woman around him they will say he is bad man. In India, a man may be about to jump into his grave, but if a lady tries to help him, they will say he had bad relations with her. In such a bad situation he did not want to have bad name. He thought, what to do about these powers because they would have to incarnate as women. So what He did, these women became 16000 princesses and one king captured all of them. When this man was about to abuse them, Shri Krishna invaded his kingdom and released all the16000 princesses. Shri Krishna brought them with Him and legally married them. But where is the question of marriage, because they were His powers.

Shri Krishna used their powers for creating so many things like had he not come, we would not have known the significance of Spiritual life."

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
(Shri Krishna Puja, Ipewich, UK, 19-08-1990)

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