Friday, October 17, 2008

Necessity of doing meditation in Sahaja Yoga

Every day you should do meditation. Those who do not do meditation are capable of falling down because meditation is like putting oil into the lamp. Those who do not meditate, think they can do without it, are sadly mistaken. They have to meditate morning and evening. The problem is everything comes so handily, so simple that they don't understand that meditation is very important.

Not you, but there are many I know who get Realization, who don't meditate and their style is different. Their nature is different.

Meditation is such a soothing thing ... a beautiful way of connection with the Divine, that all your problems get solved in that meditative moment.

If you are not meditating, you are not following meditation, then maybe your light will go down. It won't give sufficient light. It's important, very important to find out about yourself, about others in the meditation.

How to do meditation, many people ask. Don't do anything, just go into thoughtless awareness. Try to go to the thoughtless awareness. If you can get into that condition of thoughtless awareness, you can do your job because that's the point where you are with the truth, with the reality, with the joy.

When you meditate try not to make some sort of a function out of it - no. Meditation is something silent in yourself, silence in your thoughts and going to that deep ocean which is within you, itself. But supposing you don't do that, if you don't meditate I can make out immediately those who are meditating and those who are not. It's not difficult for Me.

Those who do not meditate are always hesitating. They are confused. They can't understand. And that's why meditation is the most important thing.

Just like a light burns with the electricity flowing in it, in the same way meditation is a continuous availability of the Divine Force. That will reduce all your agitations. Not only that, but it takes out all the negative thoughts. It takes out all the discouraging things. And when you are meditating like that, thoughtless awareness, then you will be amazed how you are helped from within and without. It's a terrible power that works, this thoughtless awareness.

So those who do not meditate cannot go very much far with the advantage of Sahaj Yoga. If you are in thoughtless awareness, what happens to you is that you get the confidence, complete confidence of divinity. You know you have it.

Meditation will give you security.... It will give you are a real enlightenment and a complete connection with the Divine. Without the connection of the Divine, what's the use of doing Sahaj Yog?...

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Diwali Puja, November 2, 2002,
Los Angeles, USA

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