Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What you want Joy or happiness.........

What I want, that my children should be beautiful people, when they enter into the 'Kingdom of God'. They should be respected as great saints, sages. More than anybody else, they are special people.

That's how they are to be educated. May be, I am very ambitious, you might say. But my ambitions are based on reality. I am sure I can achieve these. But you must develop that humility and understanding within yourself that we all have to improve, we have to be in the attention of the Mother. If she has to say something to us, we are not ,to feel hurt. If you feel hurt, then know that it is your ego. Beat yourself with shoes. Take it out, because it is not good. I cannot go on pampering your ego all the time till you are completely blasted off and then you come and tell me "Mother why didn't you tell me?"

For example, somebody asked me, he is in love with somebody and wants to marry her. I knew that the person was horrible and he should not marry that person and I said that, in a way, it's alright. I mean, I first was in a shock and I kept quite. I said, now how to say that, not to pamper his ego either, but to say. How to say that, no or yes. It was very difficult.

So, I said, all right as long as she makes you. happy, it's alright. Now the word happy, has double meaning. Happy means only your ego can be happy, not the spirit. It's joy. I did not use the word joy, I said happy. See I have to be clever about it. Now, if you had thought of it, why would Mother say happy, she should have said if it gives you joy. If I say joy then it's correct. But I said happy. I said it three or four times to him that, does it make you happy.

He said, "Yes". If it makes you happy then you can marry. Now see, if he is very intelligent, and he should have thought of it. But he never thought of it that I was meaning that it is not going to give you joy, if it gives you happiness, you marry. Happiness means your ego pampering, it's simple. Also you have to educate yourself to understand your Mother. This is the third thing, that you ought to know, is to understand your Mother. See I have to be clever. Because if I am not, if I am very blunt, you get blasted. If I am not, you are lost. So I have to be clever. And when I am clever, they call me Mahamaya. So at least, let me keep to one style, let me be a "Mahamaya".

Alright, accepted. But then you try to understand that if I tell you something, you just get absolutely annoyed and angry. And the people get lost. You see, they get lost. If you tell them don't do it, they get lost. If you say, do it, then they get lost, in any case, because they are doing a wrong thing.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Birthday puja 21. 03. 1982 –
Chelsham Road, London, UK

Our Divine Mother..!