Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yoga Means Union With God. It Means Union With Your Spirit...

“Yoga means union with God. It means union with your Spirit. It's no other nonsense that people talk. Sahaja means: Saha means with, Ja means born. It's within you, it's spontaneous, like every seed has a primule in it, you too have that Power within you, just placed there in the sacrum, the triangular bone. So many people who are real scholars, who are seekers, have reached the conclusion that it is the awakening of the Kundalini only that gives you your second birth, your baptism, but they do not know how it will work out because it is a living force. You cannot pull our the primule out of the seed, you cannot not force a flower to become a fruit, you cannot pay money for it, you cannot rationalize it or mock at it or laugh at it or if you doubt it whatever it is. It will work out when it has to work out. In the same way today we are at the junction of a great happening, en-masse Realization has to take place, evolution has to take place, otherwise this creation will have no meaning, you will have no meaningeither.

So don't worry for cheap sensations and sensational stuff that is around. You have to ask for the real and that real you will only ask for if you have self-esteem, that you understand that you have to get the real and not something that you can purchase on the market.”

H.H. Shri Mataji
University of NSW, Australia — March 23, 1981

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