Friday, July 10, 2009

Peace within

The first and foremost thing is we have no peace within our hearts. We talk of peace. I know of people who have got awards in peace, have no peace within their hearts, no peace at all. Unless and until we human beings have peace, there cannot be peace in the whole world. It is we who create wars. It is we who do all kinds of violence…. We ruin the possibility of people getting into the kingdom of God.

So peace can be only achieved by establishing peace in the hearts of the people. And that is only possible, if you achieve the state of thoughtless awareness. You remain in the present and there, where you’ll be amazed, you will be standing like a rock because you will have reality in your hand. You can work out the way you like.

Actually, I don’t work out anything whatsoever – really. You may say,” You do this and you do that.” I don’t. It’s the pramchaitanya which works it. In the same way, it will work for you also. But you must have faith in yourself and absolute faith in Sahaja Yoga- absolute. That’s the only way we can achieve this, that many, many, many people, most of the people of the whole world – I wouldn’t say all of them rather difficult to say that, but may be possible – should enter into the kingdom of God with us. That’s the most important thing, more than all these worldly things and more than all these nonsensical things….

That will take its own course. You don’t have to worry. That works out automatically. Only thing where you really need your own diversion or your own focusing is Sahaja Yoga, in and out.

If we really want peace on this Earth, if we want really progress for ourselves, if we want all kinds of physical, mental and emotional problem being solved, all for our good, why not we come to Sahaja Yoga, where we don’t have to do anything except for raising our kundalini, except for meditating for it for very little time and to achieve that state of joy?

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Birthday puja 21. 03. 1994 -

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