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Shri Krishna as Yogeshwara

So today we are going to see to the two aspects of Shri Krishna, which were the manifestation of his Divine birth.

In Rama’s life they showed a man, a purushottama, the best of the Father in worldly affairs. And in Shri Krishna’s life they showed him, the highest Fatherhood as in Yogeshwara, or in Divine world. So the first aspect of Krishna we have to understand is the Yogeshwara, and the second aspect of him as the Virata.

Yogeshwara means the Lord of the Yoga, or the power of Yoga. He is called because he reached the optimum that one has to reach as a yogi. As if he is the ideal that you have to reach. Now as a yogi, he was born of a royal family but he lived in the jungles, in the forest, with the cows, with ordinary people. He used to sleep on the ordinary places, like sometimes on the stone or on the grass when he would go with His cows for their feeding. Secondly, he was very, very aware, absolutely aware of his powers, without any ego. He had a special power called samharashakti by which He could destroy all those people who tried to harm the Divine manifestation.

The samharashakti is, expressed as the chakra in his hand. And another is the gada in his hand. These powers were within him, and He acted according to the power of Radha because She was the one who sustained the power of Shri Krishna. The proof of that is this, that when he was in Gokul with Radha he did all his samhara, work samharakarya and afterwards he just became a sarti - is a chariot driver for Arjuna. So for his disciple Arjuna he became even a chariot driver.

Another great quality of Yogeshwara was the complete discretion power, built in. So he knew who was a devil and who was not, who is good, who is bad; who is possessed, who is not possessed; who is innocent who is not. This was built in within him, this power, of complete discrimination.

And he had a capacity, more expressing his witness hood, as a sakshi. He had a capacity, I mean he was a sakshi himself. I should say this way is easier to understand. He was a sakshi, means he had the capacity of witnessing the whole world as a play. ...

Now this capacity in him to witness, has to be seen in every yogi. The element he controls is ether. We call it as akasha in Sanskrit. This ether as you know we are using now for our television, for our radio, for every sort of a collective work. So we have to be, in charge of the ether element, as yogis. And that is the subtlest of all, in the sense that, you permeate into everything with that. ...

The greatest quality of Yogeshwara is that he is not at all involved into it, detached absolutely.

If he eats his food he does not eat it,
If he speaks he does not speak,
If he sees he does not see,
If he hears he does not hear.

It has no effect on him; no retention on it; no action on it. Whatever he is, he is complete: sixteen petals is complete moon, sixteenth day of the moon is the Purnima. That is how one has to be, complete in oneself, complete confidence in one self. But confidence should not be confused with ego. Confidence is complete wisdom, it’s complete dharma. It is complete love, complete beauty, and is complete God. That’s what it should be.

Now when He said that “you give up all your dharmas and surrender to Me.” In Gita, what he was meaning is that all other things about which you are worried “you give up and become one with me, so I look after you.” Give up the responsibility to Shri Krishna, so the complete integrated Divinity will start expressing through you. Means if you say that you have to be responsible, then He says alright, go ahead, try. But if you say that “you are responsible, I’m just an institution or an instrument in Your hand”, then you start manifesting it well. And that is how your Vishuddhi chakra gets opened up.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Shri Krishna Puja
28th August 1983, Geneva

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