Monday, August 17, 2009

Advice To Brides

So your style should be gentle, you should not shout, you should not get angry, you should not treat anybody shabbily. I will immediately know who is an unkind hostess.

People will tell me that Mother she is a funny woman, she does not how to behave. I don’t want to hear that. I want to hear that you are very sweet, nice wife who will look after the husband, who will look after the family of Sahaja Yogis. That’s your job. There is nothing to feel degraded in that.

That’s what you have to do in Sahaja Yoga. That’s why you are so important. You don’t know that the role of woman is so important, so very important that she can change the whole family into a beautiful Garden. It is her sweetness, her own creative mind of love that can work it out. Must find out the art of love and work it out on anybody who is disturbed or who is unhappy or who is crossed. You can do it. You should know how to pacify that person and how to impress.

First quality you must have is the generosity of character. You should not mind giving up anything to anyone if they want. You will enjoy your generosity now and in that you should be generous when you forgive others. Forgiveness is very important and then you will never feel the weight of your married life.

Forgive. Also you have to forgive yourself. Not to feel guilty, not to feel guilty at all about anything because after all you are also Sahaja Yogis and if you have done anything wrong, it’s alright, it doesn’t matter. But you should have the sweetness. The sweetness of a wife who will emit love and peace to others. You should not be a dominating personality or a person who is aggressive, not at all.

On the contrary you are the one who can bear lots of things and make fun out of every nonsense that you see. Nothing is so serious to fight it but to make a fun out of all that and make a fun for every one. That’s what you have to be, always smiling and happy.

You will be amazed, you can make beautiful marriages for yourself; for your husband and for all Sahaja Yogis. I am also very sure, if you will make a successful marriage, you will have very very good children who will be born realized. So you should be good mothers, mothers who can really do good to their children and to other children also.

All that is stored for you in future. I know you all will be enjoying very much your future life and make it so beautiful that everybody should talk, that ‘look at these Sahaja Yoginis?’ How great they are. Their lives are happy.

It is very very important that we should pay attention to our own mistakes than to the mistakes of others and try to correct them. See, they are themselves capable of looking after themselves. Only you should care for them and also you should in every way be very kind and gentle.

I am sure you all can make very good families which now a days are not available. You don’t see people who are happy in the family. So no complaints about the husband, no complaints about anybody to the husband but you make yourself so sweet that everybody wants to take your love, your guidance and they will come to you.

I am sure that you can work it out. There are so many Sahaja Yoginis who brought such credit to me and have done such good work. I accept the same from you.

May God Bless You

H.H.Shri Mataji
Advice To Brides
Delhi 23rd March 2000

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