Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dynamic power of love

The love that I am talking about - the divine love - makes you not only strong but dynamic. It is the greatest luminous power that we can think of. Only when love is surrounded by gross, and is lost in the gross, it looks as if it is weak and under chains. The time it is released, the dynamic power of love can transcend all the evil powers of the world.

When people get their realization, automatically the ego drops out - to a great extent I should say. Because, you say that the vibrations are passing; you don’t say that you are giving them. Because the dropping of the ego sometimes it happens that you feel that whatever you wanted to have you have got it, and you better not talk about it.

When there is any opposition from anywhere, you shun it and sit away from it. You don’t want to face the opposition of any negative opposition - whether it is by speech or by… even by evil methods. We run away from that thinking, “Oh god! How are we going to face it?”

On the contrary a person who is negative, who has got hatred becomes tiresomely[word not clear sounds like schizmoid] they call it means a person who talks big. Such a person talks… starts talking big. He thinks he is above everybody else, he can befool all the world; He takes a responsibility on himself. He starts a big ashram or some big place where he sits down with all his ignorance and starts spreading his knowledge - the so called - to people. By his methods people get impressed and they all go and fall at his feet.

While the realized sits at home quietly wondering, “What are these fools doing?” But, it is not now for the realized to sit down and to wonder and laugh at the foolishness of the people who are not yet realized. Not even to take pity on them, but to come out, come out with the sword of love to win the whole world. It is very very essential. If the creation has to be saved, then you are not to keep mum about it. All the wrong ideas about love, all the falsehood about love, has to be given up.

One must know that it is the dynamic power. And it won’t allow you to sit comfortably with yourself, enjoying the peace and the bliss, when the rest of the world is not enjoying that and is playing into the hands of the evil geniuses who have come in this world to destroy and to bring the satanic realm on this earth.

Now the days are gone when the people had to suffer. Christ suffered for us. Of course, Christ never suffered, because He never suffered. He never wept. He was like those cocks, a very powerful personality. But today is the day to brighten up your understanding about your own strength that is within you. Those who are gross should worry about their insecurities and their problems and their organizations - but not for the people who are realized. I have told you many a times and today he also remarked that you should know you are never alone when you are realized.

There have been many people who have been realized, before even you were born, who exist, who are anxious to help you at every moment. In our shastras we call them Chiranjivas ,you know them. They are people who are Niranjanas, as he said about Bhairava and Hanumana. All these people exist and they are waiting just for a call from you”.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Shri Krishna Puja,
Mumbai, India, 28th August 1973

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