Sunday, August 2, 2009

Relationship with each other

Now the second thing is that Maryadas of relationships between you, is relationship of 'Pure' Love. Of Purity. Unless and until you develop 'pure' relationship, you are going to be ruined.

See, this finger has to have pure relationship with the hand. Supposing if this finger has some dirty feelings about this hand, it may dirty it. It may spoil it.

In the same way we must have 'extremely pure' relationship with each other. Means we should try to give our heart to another person without any lust or greed in it, - that, we should try to do. Try to help each other.

I find when they feel in a lusty way, or a greedy way attached to others - this is not for the Sahaja Yogis, but non Sahaja Yogis - they get so much interested in that person. It's a very 'baser' way of attachment..

But in Sahaja Yoga, your attachment is with your Spirit, your Atma. And Atma is the 'purest' form of our being. We have to keep it absolutely pure. And then the enjoyment is higher than any romance, any marriage, any worldly thing. It's the highest and the top-most. First achieve that. First of all you should 'arise' and 'achieve' that. 'Achieve' that purity. That is very important.

H.H.Shri Mataji,
London,11th August 1984
Raksha-Bandhan and Maryada
(DCB November-December 2007)

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