Monday, November 30, 2009

Solution to a problem

The word problem, specially in the European community problem is a very common word. But in the English language we never heard this word, problem. You see the problem was used when we were studying geometry; geometrical problem.

But, we never knew there is a problem in life. Later on, when I came in contact with European community, they will say there is no problem, this is the problem. At least, in one day, 100 times they say problem word.

So, for a problem the solution is not to have that thing which gives you problem. You can give up anything. Anything that you want you can give up, if you know how to detach yourself from that. Many people come and tell me Mother, we have an ego, that is the problem. I said, then give up. I mean it’s simple. Why do you have it? As if you see they want to say that we have a trouble with this thing but still we are clinging on to it.

Like we are afraid of a crocodile but we want to put our foot into the mouth of the crocodile and we have a problem that our foot will be eaten up by the crocodile. Now give up. But they will search out the crocodile. Open the mouth and put the foot in it and then come to me and say Mother, we have a problem. My foot is in the mouth of the crocodile.

To get to problems you have to get to it. But without getting to it how will you get a problem.

Say for example people have very silly stupid problems. Now the first problem somebody may have oh, I have to get my clothes pressed. What’s the need? No problem, Wear them as they are. Who looks at you? You see there are all the people who have pressed clothes, does not matter, what’s there if it is not pressed. It’s a problem for them, is silly things like that. You see very silly things. But the greatest problem I think you have is your watch. In Switzerland, I shouldn’t say so.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Shri Ram Puja
Switzerland 4th October 1987
(DCB Jan-Feb2000)

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