Thursday, August 11, 2011

What a Rakhi is

Daddy, what’s a Rakhi?
Does it come with Santa Claus?

A Rakhi is the sweetest gift
It twinkles in the stars.
It wakes the world with lightning
And puts an end to wars.

Does it grow in summer?
Is it very big or small?

A Rakhi is a bond of love
It nourishes the trees.
It is the timeless border
Where the mountains meet the seas.

Is it in the kitchen?
Does it taste like lemonade?

A Rakhi quenches every thirst
And rids the heart of lust.
Respect is its foundation,
Its furniture is Trust.

… Mommy, what’s a Rakhi?
(I don’t think Daddy knows.)

A Rakhi is a little string
That’s given once a year
From sisters to their brothers,
To show their love and care.

What’s so special, Mama,
About something like a string?

It’s not the string that’s special
But the pure feelings that come,
When brother-sister power
Makes their hearts beat like one drum.

It would make nice music
If we all could tie this string!

Someday the world will know this,
Then everyone will see
What a Rakhi is and why it
Is the bond that sets us free.

(a joyous poem by : Edward Saugstad)


Manish said...

what a lovely presentation of Raksha Bandhan.
Jai Shri Mataji.. :)

Subodh Bhatnagar said...

Wah..simple & cool poetry!

Our Divine Mother..!