Thursday, September 17, 2009

Goddess protection over left and right side

Today we are going to worship the Goddess. That's the, first the left-side programming is with Her, but later on at Sahasrara She is the Adi Shakti. And on the left side whatever She does is already written, as you must have seen, that She is the memory, and that She is the wisdom; and that She protects you is shown when She uses Her power over the ganas.

There are ganas that are, as we know, responsible for all kinds of corrections in you. These are the ganas which act through the left side; as we know very well that cancer is caused by the problems of the left side. And on the left side are these ganas, which are completely in unison with the Devi's powers. She doesn't have to tell them, She doesn't have to guide them, they are already built up like that. And these ganas are the ones which I should say, target, they target the diseases and cure you.

We have cured many cancer patients and many left-sided people through the ganas. But ganas won't listen to anybody else. And Ganapati is their leader, I should say, their controlling power.

So if your Ganapati is all right, then problems are less. But if the Ganapati is not all right, then all kinds of problems can come up and they can torture you. This is one of the thing I am so particular about, that we must get our Ganeshas corrected.

The other day I received a big envelope with letters saying that “Mother, difficult to control ganas.” But difficult to control Ganapati Himself. So what should we do? - we get into traumas.

A simple thing is, at such a point when you are in a trauma and when you cannot can overcome this defect of the Ganapati, then what you should do is to meditate. Meditation is the only way you can overcome ganas.

The first of all is the upbringing of the children, and then atmosphere, as it exists. With these two important factors you can do well with the ganas, but the problem is that human beings get lost and they don't look after their Ganapati.

So as you worship the Goddess you are also worshipping Shri Ganesha, who is the power behind Her.

But the greatest power that is belonging to the Mother is your protection, protection from all kinds of things. All the left-hand side protections are there. They are described, as you must have learned on the “Devi Mahatmyam” what a protections She gives you, so tremendous in Her protecting power. And this protecting power gives you understanding, how kind She is and how, I should say, how very, very protective of you, extremely protective. She’ll guide you all the time that you should be protected, on the left side, and through Her ganas She looks after you.

But on the right side also. Those who are on the right side, the Goddess puts Her powers to put you right, to bring you back to normal conditions, to humble you down and make you understand that you are a child of the Mother, and you have to behave like a child.

But if you go to extremes, then you develop all kinds of complications of the right side also, as you develop on the left side. And the right-side problems these days are very, very common, which I have seen people cannot get over. So many diseases like Alzheimer and other diseases come up later on.

First it starts with the liver. The liver is the main point, as we’ve fallen into the trap of the liver. If you are thinking too much, if you are futuristic, if you are aggressive then the liver goes out, because you use liver’s power to do all that. And when your liver power is over, you are finished with liver power, you can develop so many diseases, so many troubles, that you cannot overcome it. It’s very difficult.

Of course with Sahaja Yoga so many people’s liver has been cured, so many people, and it has been doing wonderful work as far as the liver is concerned. But one should humble down and try to keep the liver all right. So the protection is also built in your body, by ganas on the left-hand side and by reactions on the right-hand side. But the greatest thing is the blessings of the Mother, the way She looks after you, the way She loves you and the way She cares for you, which you should never take it for granted.

You must meditate. You must meditate, it’s very important. No question without meditation you can keep yourself all right, it's no question. Meditation is the most important thing which must be followed, because that's how you come close to Her vibrations, come to Her, I should say, to Her nature. Even animals are so sensitive to Mother, very sensitive to vibrations. Animals are, but human beings have their own understanding, have their own freedom, have their so-called intelligence, and they fall a trap to it. They follow things which they should not have.

Her Holiness Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi
Navaratri Puja 27th October 2002
Lake Piru , California USA
(DCB March-April 2003)

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