Friday, May 28, 2010

Adam and Eve

So Adi Shakti is embodiment of God’s Divine Love, is God’s pure love, and in His love, what did He desire? He desired that He should create human beings who would bevery obedient, would be sublime, would be like Angels; and that was His idea to create Adam and Eve.

So Angels have no freedom, Angels are made like that. They are fixed they don’t know why they do it! Animals also don’t know why they do certain things; they just do it, because they are bound by nature. They are bound by God Almighty. They say Shiva is Pashupati, means He controls all the animals. He is Pashupati. So all the desires come to animals but they do not repent, they don’t have ego, they don’t think that this is wrong, or that is good. They have no karma problem because there is no ego, because they have no freedom.

At this point comes Adi Shakti, which was pure love. So think of a father who has put all his love into one personality, then what is left in him? Nothing. He is just watching. What does he think? He is just watching the play of his desire, of his love. He is watching it, how it is working out. And when he is watching that he is very careful, because he knows that this personality that I have created is nothing but love and compassion. And compassion itself is of such a noble variety that it cannot bear any body challenging that compassion, troubling that compassion, or also in any way demeaning it, lowering it or insulting it. He is so alert on that point and he is very watchful.

So a rift has taken place, we should say from him, from his own desire of love. Now this desire of love has also given a personality means ego, and that this ego has to act on its own. It became, sort of, very independent personality which was free to do whatever it liked. And we cannot think in our mundane life that a husband and wife are absolutely free to do what they like, because there is no cohesion, there is no understanding, there is not that oneness, that rapport. But it is like a moon and moonlight, sun and sunlight. It is such a cohesion, that whatever one does, another enjoys. In that beautiful rift Adi Shakti decided to change His plans. She is known for Her Sankalpa Vikalpa Karoti –anything you try to decide too much, She will make it different, like today’s eleven o’clockPuja.

So when this Adam and Eve business started She thought that they will be just like other animals or Angels. What is the use? They must know what they are doing, they must know why they are doing. They must have the freedom to understand what is the knowledge and like fixed machine like life, that these animals are having, why should they have?

So, in Her arbitrary power which was conceded, of course, She is the one who came as a serpent and told them that, “You taste the fruit of knowledge.” Now for people who are not Sahaja Yogis, you cannot tell this. They will be shocked. But this serpent that came for them to test and then to tell them that, “You better taste this fruit.”

This serpent told the woman, not the man, because woman is supposed to accept things easily. She may even accept bhoots, she may even accept nonsense, but she is the one who accepts. While the man doesn’t accept easily. He argues, he discusses, that’s why she came and told the woman – She came and told the woman I should say. This Holy Ghost actually is a feminine, and so moves nearer to a woman. This feminine Ghost came as a serpent and told that better you taste the fruit of knowledge.

Now it was the job of the lady to convince her husband, because women know how to do that. Sometimes they may convince them wrongly, tell them something which is very wrong, very sinister, as you know, in Macbeth what happened? So many places, we have seen, women have misguided their husbands. But men can be misguided or could beguided, or could be emancipated if they have a proper wife. So he had all faith in his wife, believed in it and they tasted the fruit of knowledge under the guidance of this Holy Ghost who was a feminine personality of God. This cannot be conceived that the people who are just getting a glimpse of Christ or a glimpse of Mohammed Sahib or aglimpse of Nanak Sahib.

They cannot understand. They just had a glimpse of them. If they had told people would have said, Wah! what is this?” They would have never listened to them. So at that time, the way the attention was, the way the reception was, they told about dharma, about ascent.

But in India people talked about Kundalini since long. And that She is the Adi Shakti, reflected within us. Now, you see it is already read it out to you that I will be in every one of them. Now understand that this Adi Shakti is the power of love - of pure love - compassion. There is nothing else She has, only the Pure Love within Her heart. But this Pure Love is so powerful, is so powerful, that is the love She has given to this Mother Earth. Because of that this Mother earth, the amount of sins we may commit, we may do anything, She is pouring out Her love through these beautiful things to all of us.

H.H. Shri Mataji,
Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella,
06th June 1993
(DCB Issue 1-2 &3 1998)

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