Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Adishakti is the Parashakti

There’s a difference between the two. Adishakti is the total power of God, of His desire; while Kundalini is the one that is reflected, part, which is reflected in the human beings as Kundalini.

So there’s a difference between the Adi Kundalini and the Adishakti. Adishakti is the Parashakti, is the power, which is beyond all the powers, which controls all the powers and one of the powers of Adishakti is Kundalini.

For example the Kundalini which is placed within Me in the triangular bone is not totality of Me. In the same way the Kundalini, which is placed within you, is not the totality. Ofcourse it is the power, which is there to give you your self-realization. Is the power that redeems you, that nourishes you, that enlightens your centers.

But there are two other powers as you know very powerful, which are working through Ida and Pingala and the third one is Mahalakshmi which is in the center. Now Kundalini’s main job is to give you your self-realization because She is your individual Mother.

Everyone has the Kundalini within himself or herself reflected whatever may be the quality of that person. Now as you see reflections fall on everything. Say, the reflection of the Moon falls on the stone; youdon’t see any reflection. It then falls on a better reflector – say the water, then we can see the reflection. But when it falls on a mirror, which is very nicely made, say in Belgium, it reflects better. So that is how the reflection gradually goes on improving.

In the same way we have human beings who have different reflectors but they can be improved and they can be made absolutely top class, its possible. It depends now here it comes in to other powers that are within. One power which is the desire. Though the Kundalini as you see is the power of pure desire that it doesn’t want anything. But it wants to give youself-realization.

The other two powers – one of them is the mundane desire. This mundane desire if it becomes nothing but pure desire, then Kundalini has no problemsfrom the left side. But if it is not a pure desire, but full of other desires – for example: the first desire of human beings, which comes from animals I think, is food. He wants food tonourish himself.

But human being don’t only take food to nourish, also for the taste of it,or for the beauty of it, which is innately working in them. That’s why we run after food,which is very good, very tasty, all kinds of ideas we have and there’s no standard.

Somebody can like this, somebody can like that, but the one who understands that the taste of the food is not important and can practice it, then it works. It works wonders because the lowest desire, which is of food, comes under your control. If you can sometimes go without food, of course not for God but for yourself, God doesn’t want you to starve. If you can live without food, if you can enjoy every type of food, then you have done a lot to improve the path of Shushumna for the Kundalini.

I’ve seen in many cases that Kundalini just doesn’t rise, She doesn’t rise, even if She rises, She falls back. This happens when a person is very self-indulgent - is all the time thinking of things, which are not of very great importance for Spirituality.

Apart from this there’s another horrible one desire we have is to grab as much money as possible, to thinkabout money.

H.H. Shri Mataji,
Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella,
04th June 1995
Courtsey- Nirmall Nagari

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