Friday, June 18, 2010

There must some reason why you are here

So today we have to decide that, as the children of Adi Shakti, we have to go all out,everywhere, every corner, we have to shout and we have to tell loudly what is the time inwhich you are living, and what is the responsibility that you have to fulfill as Sahaja yogis.

There must be some reason why you are here.

Like in the beginning, Sahaja yogis used to ask Me, “Mother, was I this last life, was I Shivaji last life?” I said, “What is the use? You might have been anything, but what you are today is much higher.”

Try to understand. You might be, say Napoleon, you might be say, one of the kings , or may be one of thequeens somewhere. So what! What did they do? Did they raise anybody’s kundalini?Did they have any power? Even the disciples of Christ or even Mohammed Sahib’sdisciples, could anyone do it? Did they have any understanding of kundalini? Didthey have any love for others, that they should give them realization?

There were some Sufis, they never gave realization to anyone. There were so many saints who never gaverealization to anybody. Mohammed Sahib never gave realization to anybody. GautamaBuddha never gave realization to anybody. Think of it, Christ never gave realization toanybody. Anybody!! Krishna did not do it, Rama did not.

Nobody but you can do it!! You can do it and you know everything about kundalini.

It’s a very big thing because you are children of the Adi Shakti. You are here and your Mother is here. It’s a very, very fortunate thing for Me that you are here. I’m very proud of you, but again and again Ihave to tell you that the work has to be with a faster speed. We have to move with a fasterspeed and get more people to Sahaja Yoga”.

H.H. Shri Mataji,
Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella,
25th May1997
DCB Issue 7&8 1997

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