Monday, December 13, 2010

Spirituality does not need any luxury

This may be one of the reasons why Christ was born in a very very ordinary family. He had no proper bed to sleep as a child also. It is all described where He slept, how His Mother lived in a place where there were cows and cows. It was to show that spirituality does not need any luxury, does not need any pomp and show.

It is a power within, it is a glow and the light within which shows automatically. You do not have to do anything to show it. Such a person does not have any sense of money and other things as possessions.

He was bothered about people who were suffering physically, even the lepers and he tried to cure them. He tried to help so many people who were sick physically because at that time there were no hospitals, no doctors.

So, his attention was drawn to people who were suffering physically. Also mentally He tried to prepare them. There are so many beautiful sermons on the mount. In a way, that time, people were not so materialistic. So they listened to him. You cannot say how many understood?

It is very important that if you are not a realised soul then it is difficult to understand spirituality. The one who is talking about spirituality and the one who is listening to it, both of them have to have minimum of realisation.

So from his beautiful life that I have seen, we have to learn that unless and until we are realised souls, we will be torturing the spirit of Christ. We have seen its happening. All those who talk of Christ, He has said it very clearly – You will be calling me Christ –Christ, I won't recognize you. Very clearly He has said it. I do not know why they did not remove it from the Bible!

It means those who will talk and preach and dress up to show off that they are spiritual in the name of Christ, He will not recognize them. It is as simple as that. And this time now when it is the last judgment, He is going to judge the whole world on the basis of spirituality - which means vibrations.

His judgment has already started. I have seen it. You can see, in so many countries, things are just disappearing. All their ego, all their aggressiveness, all their cruelties are being challenged.

Those who did wrong in the war also are taken to task. So, in the history also those who have done wrong to any community, to any people, they all will be taken to task. They had no business to be aggressive on people and to torture them. This is what is Shri Ganesha's principle acting through Sahaja Yoga. Christ did not say that but He did say that there will be last judgment.

H.H. Shri Mataji
Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule, 1998
DCB March – April 1999

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abhishek said...

Jsmji thank u 4 this valuable words of shri maa to make me learn about real meaning of sprilual 4rm today i will try to live as shri maa says thank u once again rply

Our Divine Mother..!