Tuesday, February 22, 2011

have forgiveness in your heart

.....Shiva will be very blissful. He is extremely blissful, and what does He give you is even more beautiful than you could think of. He is a extremely forgiving. I should say He is the source of forgiveness.

If you have forgiveness in your heart, He resides in your heart otherwise gradually you start developing very difficult type of diseases.

Say, if you are forgiving, your heart runs very fast. No one can touch your heart, you cannot get heart attacks but if you are tolerating, suffering and taking many things as a power of your own doing wrong things and forgetting about God then you also start developing a very big heart.

So one side is that you develop a heart which is extremely aggressive and can become like Hitler’s heart. Under any kind of pretentions if you start torturing someone, your heart becomes solid and then you can get a tremendous massive heart attack and all the troubles come.

This is inevitable, but supposing you are extremely tolerant and you tolerate all nonsense, you are very docile, you are frightened person, if you are frightened then because of fright you do that, you can develop another kind of a heart, we call as angina, where the blood supply is less and ultimately you develop a kind of a guilt and you live a very mediocre life.

So this second thing also is very miserable among people who think they are very-very tolerant. I am saying that tolerance is alright because of spirituality, but not because you are frightened and you are afraid of something. If you are a Sahaja Yogi you have no business to be afraid of anything.

H.H.Shri Mataji

Shri Mahadev Puja,

25th February 2001 Pune

(DCB May – June 2001)

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