Thursday, March 10, 2011

Second era of Sahaja Yoga

In the first era of Sahaja Yoga, you needed to see Me in person. As we say in Sanskrit, a "Dhyeya", is the target, you wanted the target in front of you, whatever is to be achieved.So now when you wanted that all the time and you felt happy, secure, joyous, when you had that in person before you.

Then, in the second era, now, you will not desire so much that Mother should be there. You'll take it over from Me. This is the Divine Desire I'm telling you about, and you have to work on that from today onwards.

I am with you, you know that, but need not be in this body, because I don't know if I exist in this body or not. But once this desire starts working, you will see tremendous miracles happening.

When the child is born to a mother, automatically she gets milk. So the nature is so connected with the whole thing. In your divine desire also it is connected, and it is very evident when you are a divine person. So you may find Me anywhere, you are walking on the street, suddenly you might find Mataji walking with you.

So this is the second era we have started, and you should not be shocked if you see Me sitting on your bed and putting My hand on your head, or you may see Me in the form of Christ walking into your room, or as Shri Rama. That has to happen, so you should be prepared.

Already so many miracles have taken place on you, but on a grosser level. You have seen the light coming on My head and the photographs have shown some miracles to you, but many things will happen, that you will see something that you could never imagine.

This has to happen just to convince you that you have reached a certain height of your evolution in the new area of Pragyalok because this is a new state into which now you will be entering on a horizontal basis.

In this area you will give up asking for gross things, and also for anything subtler, anything that is subtle, the asking will disappear, and that is the time you will become very powerful. Whatever I say happens as you know, only thing, I cannot command you to be evolved.

The Kundalini's work in you has been done, quite a lot, now the new work of compassion, of spreading it to others, has to be done by you. As the light grows brighter and brighter, the area it covers becomes bigger and bigger. So you become the giver of compassion.

H.H. Shri Mataji,
Sahasrara Puja,
5th May 1984, Rouen, France

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