Friday, March 25, 2011

Watch and witness your ego

This ego business has come from various sources, you know that. But it has to be cleansed out. Like when the river flows, all kinds of dirt, filth, flows into it. But when it meets the sea, it becomes the sea. In the same way you have to become that.

To become the sea, what you have to do is to forget all these tributaries which were coming into you and all these wrong ideas which came to you. It can be from any source. I do not know how to name them, because there’s a big list of these sources. People are mad sometimes with this ego.

So, main thing is how to watch and witness your ego, how it works, how it spoils your temperament, how it spoils your relationships, how it makes you stupid. Ego is, first thing it does, is to make you very stupid, and you start behaving in such a manner that people start thinking that “Oh, you are the great, stupidest person ever living.” But it is of no help, because if they believe that you are a stupid person, what will happen?

On the contrary, if you have the wisdom, if you have that peace, if you have that special temperament of enjoying everything in life, and also the collective temperament, it will work out. They will be impressed.

Because in that light they can see their own stupidity, own falsehood, everything, and they will realize that what they think is not true. “This gentleman is much deeper than me. What he has got, I haven’t got it.” This is the main thing for all of us.

H.H.Shri Mataji
5th May 2002, Cabella
Sahasrara Puja
(DCB November-December 2002)

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