Saturday, May 7, 2011

Only a mother can work it

Today is, I like the day when it is a Mother's, I should say, Mother's day also. Because I think only a mother can work it out that way, one has to have lots of patience with people. What I have seen about all these great incarnations who came, they just disappeared in a very short time they lived, very short time.

Somebody was crucified about 33 years of age. Somebody took a Samadhi at 23 years of age. Because I think they couldn't bear, the way the people were stupid? They couldn't see the point that they could do something for human beings.

They lost their confidence I think or maybe that they thought is useless to work for these people. Like that they took a position that is better to disappear.

But mother's position is different. She will go on struggling and fighting for her child. She will fight it out to the last to see that the child gets all the benefits, and this patience, and this love and this forgiveness is innately built in a mother.

Because her attitude is very different, not any achievement, not any big name or what you call a sort of an award or anything. It is just she does it because she is a Mother, and that is what is the sign of any mother, if she is a real Mother, at least for her own children she will go all out. She will work out everything, for day in & day out and try to save the child from disaster.

But Sahaja Yoga is a much bigger family and for that you really had to be worked out through the Mother's principle. You cannot take any other principle. Like there were very great warriors we had and they have done a great job also and they have worked out as warriors, then we had some who were very sacrificing, all kinds of people they had.

They worked very hard to establish Dharma in people, but they could not.I thought of one thing that no use establishing dharma. First of all give them realisation. When in the light of the spirit they see what’s wrong they became dharmic automatically. Best way is to do that, not to force dharma on them. Because you put dharma on them, they don't know how to bear it, they can't digest. So this will be the best way, is to just make them aware of their spirit.

Once the light of the spirit comes, in the light they see everything clearly then no problem is there and that's why this Mother’s quality is very helpful. I mean in every country there has been a manifestation of the Mother’s principle, in every country, and it has been depicted and said, but later on it was taken over by people who didn't want to talk about Mother.Because they could not justify themselves, the way they were behaving. So they said best is not to talk of the Mother.

Also those who were very much advanced people, very mature, who were really incarnations did talk about the Mother all the time but still talk was talk. Now this has to work out as a Mother has to work. So in your own way when you are doing Sahaja Yoga, there also you have to be a Mother.

More Mother's quality than the Father's quality. That there is no ambition, there is no competition, there is no jealousies, nothing. Just you want your children to come up and to grow in their spirituality. If that is the only attitude we have then you will be amazed how satisfied you will feel because this is a very very joy giving thing to see people growing in spirituality. Not only talking about it, not only reading about it, but actually happening, actualizing within yourself.

So this quality is very helpful and that really helps every Sahaja Yogi – to be patient, to be kind, to be humble but you have to correct also. There is a way of correction of another person, of people who are coming not from the divine world but from the normal world. So it’s a difficult task to correct them. Some people are so hot tempered they can't bear it. Doesn’t matter, you have to forgive them.

But best is to concentrate on people, who are simple, who are loving, who are affectionate and then gradually all these complicated people also will join. Your way of dealing with others has to be motherly. Motherly relationship has to be there. I was surprised that in a Western literature I don't find any description of a child and a mother's relationship. Very surprising. There’s no description at all, how the mother sees the child, how he walks, how he falls down then how he gets up and how he talks.

All kinds of beautiful things have described but not in the western countries. I don't know, they never saw this point I think. That is very important, that to describe the attention of the mother. How she is loving, how she is kind, how she tolerates so much nonsense and how she keeps it as a sort of a forgiving thing. Not just to use it against the child or to trouble.

Sometimes you have to correct, you have to tell but at the right time, at the right place if they are told the child also sees the point whatever is there.The first most convincing thing is the affection and the love of the Mother. She goes on forgiving and giving that assurance that I have a mother. Nothing can happen and this assurance works very well.

But the same assurance you have to give to other Sahaja Yogis who are getting realisation from you. Let them feel that you are not angry with them. They are stupid I know, they are sometimes violent, I have gone through all kinds of people. But only thing that has worked is pure love, pure love has no attributes of expecting something. You just give love and try to improve that person with full attention. But in divine work you don't have to get attached to that person.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Sahasrara Puja
Cabella, 10th May 1998
(DCB Issue 11& 12, 1998)


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