Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vision of Adi Shakti

I have a vision no doubt, and I’ve been talking about it quite a lot; but it ends up with the puja, is not a good thing. I know some countries are very difficult. Try to find out what is the problem, why it is so very difficult.

Attention has to be paid to this, that what other human beings are doing to destroy themselves, as if it is the part and parcel of the same game which we call as the Last Judgment; but let us through our compassion and love save as many as possible.

This is the work of Adi Shakti, not the work of any saint or any incarnation. They’re all there, no doubt, they’re all with us all the time to help us. But you people have the power of Adi Shakti which is very great, which is very penetrating, which is miraculous, it’s so effective.

But unless and until you become aware of your own powers, how will you work it out? It would be like a dead machine that has everything, but nobody is there to work it out.

All the time I had to go through very, very hazardous times, and sometimes I’ve felt that I may have to take another birth, the way things are so difficult for Me. But now for you it has been very easy: as if the one who makes the road has to work very hard, but those who walk on that, they don’t realize how easily they have got it.

And if they realize this then they will realize also, “Let many walk on this road, which was created with such patience, understanding and love.”

I have to really see you, you all Sahaja Yogis, doing your level best to change this world – has to be changed. As It is, humanity has to be saved through you and nobody else. No president, no prime minister, no minister- none of these people can change the world and save it. It is you are entitled, you have got this Power.

Do you realize your own status, your own being, which has risen so high? It is not there. If that realisation is there, you would go all out to express your love and compassion to other people, to make them realize what they are.

Only with Sahaja Yoga you can save this world, there’s no other way out. Whatever you may try, say, to help the poor, to help this and that is something very, very superficial. Best thing is to give Realization to every person you see.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Shri Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella,
03rd June 2001
(DCB Nov- Dec 2001)

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