Sunday, June 19, 2011

Attached love is not truth

Attached love is not truth. If you are attached to somebody then you never see the bad points of that person. If you are angry with somebody then you can never see the good points of that person.

But its a complete detached love and that love is extremely powerful. Because whenever you project that love to anyone, you will be surprised, the problems of that person will be solved, his personality will improve, everything will work out in a very big way and his life will be changed.

But if you are attached to anything what so ever, that attachment itself causes problems and doesn't allow Sahaja to grow. This attachment could be any kind. For example you can be attached to your country, attached to your society, attached to your family; it can be of any kind.

But when Sahasrara is open you learn one thing - is detachment. It just happens that you get detached. Though I mean; you are not running away. As it is in Sahaja Yoga we don't believe in people, who run away from society and go to Himalayas.

For that I call it escapism. That is not the point, what happens is that you are there you see everyone, watch everyone, you know everyone, you are close to everyone but you are a detached person.

Its a state of mind that you achieve when Sahasrara is open. Then that state, you are dealing with people, you are dealing with problems, you are dealing with situations but you are not involved in it.

There is no involvement and that involvement which you had before can never give a complete insight, what is happening, what is the truth is, about any situation. So this detachment helps, the greatest thing of the detachment is that you are not affected.

No use saying that oh you are not affected Mother, so how can you feel for another person, how can you have compassion for another person. Because if you feel for another person then only you can solve the problem. But this feeling that you have is again a kind of an attachment. It is not a real feeling. Because it doesn't help.

The person is crying, you are also crying. The person is in trouble you are also in trouble. And this does not help that person; nor will it help you. So to have detached in no way means you do not feel the another person. You do feel, you feel the agony of that person, the trouble of that person, of the whole society sometimes and of the whole country. But, that your feeling is so detached that the all-pervading power takes over.

First we must have full faith in the capability of this all-pervading power. As soon as you are detached you say you do it. Finished, once you say that you are going to do it, it is you who is going to do it - whole thing changes completely. Because you transfer all your responsibilities, all your problems to this Divine Power which is so powerful, which is so capable, which can work out anything.

So whenever you think that this problem you are going to solve. You are the one who is going to do it then alright, the Divine Power says alright - try your luck. But if you can really put this problem to the Divine Power it will work out.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Sahasrara Puja
Cabella, 10th May 1998
(DCB Issue 11& 12, 1998)

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