Monday, June 27, 2011

Guru should not have much possessions

Then, for a guru, he should not accumulate things, he should not have possessions, much possessions with him. If he has possessions, they should be just for giving away. A guru must give away his possessions. He should not have stamp collection, and all kinds of collections that people go on.

Whatever things are useful, beautiful, which give happiness and joy to others, to their eyes: such things must be collected, such things which give the symbol to his life.

Very symbolic things he should have, which suggest that he is a dharmic person. He should not have things which are symbolic of adharmikta, of irreligious life. Everything that he has or he wears, or he shows, should be representative of his dharmikta.

I dont know what was the situation here [London], but in India, when we were young, we were not allowed to listen to all kinds of music, not allowed, just not allowed. Not to see all kinds of filthy things and filthy documentaries and things, not allowed.

Anything that is impure, giving bad vibrations should not be possessed, and even a, whatever you have, you should think whom you can give this. So it means you should have possessions to express your generosity.

Sahaja Yogi has to be generous like the sea. A miserly Sahaja Yogi, I cannot think of that, it is like mixing of darkness with light. Miserliness is not allowed in Sahaja Yoga. Anybody whose mind goes: 'How much I can save money, or save my labour'; how?

There are many labor-saving devices also, and money-saving devices. Or cheating others, or making money out of certain few things here and there: all such things are against Sahaja Yoga, they will pull you down. Enjoy your generosity! How many times I must have told you about generosity.

I remember once I wanted to give a sari that I had from abroad, you see, because in India people like that kind of a sari very much; though I mean, I dont understand why they like it, nylon sort of thing.

And a lady said that: 'I havent got any sari from outside and I would like to have one imported sari.' And I had only one left with me, because I am quite good at giving away. So I told one of my niece-in-laws, I said: 'I want to give away this sari to her. On a holy day we can give it to elders, so I'll give it.'

She said: 'You have only one left now, why do you want to give away? You have given away all you had." I said: 'Now, I feel like giving. I'll give away. And we were discussing this in the kitchen, you see, and I said: '' Why do you tell me? I am not going to take your advice on this point.' And at that time the bell rang and a gentleman came. He had brought three saris for me from Africa, and one of them was exactly the same as the one I had.

Because I had given some silk saris to this lady when she was going to Africa, she thought she should send Me some saris, so she sent. You are just standing in the center, from one door it comes and at the other door it goes. Its nice to see all that movement, its very interesting.Apart from that, the way you give it, you see, the emotional side of it is so beautiful, you cant imagine.

I met a lady after, say, twenty years of her married life, in London suddenly, and she said: 'Oh, what a coincidence!' I said: 'Why? 'You see, I'm wearing the same pearl necklace you had given me on my wedding day, today, and I should meet you! I mean, the whole thing, the whole drama changed, you know, that meeting. I mean it was something, nothing so great.

It is how you give even a small thing, its the greatest art of giving, one has to learn in Sahaja Yoga. Give up the mundane type of things, you see, like if you go to somebody's birthday, you send a card: 'Thank you very much.' Make it a more deeper, significant thing.

Let us see how you develop your symbols of love.And when you'll have these things of vibrations and then you'll give it to a Sahaja Yogi, he will know what it is. Never lack in generosity, specially amongst Sahaja Yogis. Gradually you'll be amazed how through small things you win over, as if the vibrations flow through those things and work out on those people.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Guru Puja, 1980
Hampstead Temple, United Kingdom
(DCB July-August 2001)

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