Sunday, June 26, 2011

No discriminations and identifications

Then we have to know that Sahaja Yogis have to get over all kinds of discrimination and identifications according to races, color or different religions into you are born.

Because you are born as a Christian, you do not belong to a church. You were not born in a church, thank God, otherwise all the spirits there would capture you immediately. But these identifications will linger on.

To accept anything new, you are to be reborn, and you are reborn now. Now you are dharmatita - means you need not follow any particular type of religion. You are open to all the religions, and all the essence of religions you have to take.

You are not to denounce any religion any time, to insult any religion any time, or to insult any religious Incarnation at any time: its sin, it is a great sin in Sahaja Yoga; any one of them, and you know who they are. There should be no racial understanding of oneself.

You could have been a Chinese or you could have been a Negro, you could have been anything. As long as we are all human beings, we should know that we laugh the same way, we smile the same way, we hold the same way.

This is all conditioned in our mind of this society that you, some are untouchables, some are touchables: this is in our Indian community - horrible people.

Brahminism of India has ruined India completely, and you learn from them. For example, who was Vyasa, the one who wrote Gita? Who was he? He was illegitimate son of a fisherwoman. That's why deliberately he was born like that.

All these Brahmins who read Gita, tell them who was Vyasa? Brahmins are those who are realized souls, and for realized souls there's nothing like all these nonsensical things, like where are you born, in what caste and community you are born.

With all education and everything in the West, you find this nonsense of racialism; I just can't understand. If somebody is fair or dark, after all God has to make variety, in color, in every way.

Who told you that you are the most handsome people going round? Maybe for some of the markets here, or maybe in the Hollywood it may fit in; but in the kingdom of God all these so-called handsome people will be denied entry; marrying seven husbands and all sorts of things. They will be all put in hell.The beauty is of the heart, not of the face, and that shows and shines.

I mean, people are a little bit aware of it, that's why they go and tan their faces. I dont know. They are quite aware that it is too much showing off we are doing.

But to have vanity, to have such absurd ideas! Some people like red hair, some like black hair, some like this; I mean, there have to be different types of hair. And why do you like a particular type of hair? This I cant understand.

There's nothing like 'like' and 'dislike', whatever God has created is all beautiful. Who are you to judge whether 'I like this' and 'I like that?', who is this 'I'? Who likes is Mr. Ego, which is being pampered by this society, which teaches you how to smoke cigars and how to have your lager, morning till evening.

All this training and all this conditioning has to be thrown away, just like filth, and see that God has created all of you as His own children. Its such a beautiful thing! Why do you want to make it ugly with these ugly ideas? All this ugliness of 'I like' and 'I dislike' are nonsensical. Only there should be one word: 'I love'.

Forget everything. There's no need to remember what British did to Indians and what Germans did to Jews: forget it. Those people who did anything are dead and finished; we are different people, we are different people. We are saints. This is for your Statutes, I have told you, which you have to imbibe.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Guru Puja, 1980
Hampstead Temple, United Kingdom
(DCB July-August 2001)

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