Friday, July 1, 2011

Blake’s life was another crucifixion

Now the compassion and love of Christ can work out miracles, no doubt it can work out because he came for us. The whole universe was created for us. It is for us to receive all the blessings of the divine. It is we who are going to become the spirit, as he said, “you are to be born again”.

But the conditioning of the subtle conditionings of these surroundings and the atmosphere, the history and all that, is so much embedded in us that we don’t realize and are not aware that we have to look upward.

Blake’s life was another crucifixion I feel. When I read him tears fall continuously sometimes. What a son of a great father! Who said Christ was not bothered about his parents? He ran away from the house at the age of twelve years.

That means all the boys are now running from their houses at twelve years, taking to drugs? That’s the best way we can pay homage to him, by running away from the houses, taking to drugs, because Christ ran away from the house at the age of twelve years!

And he said this is my father’s business, that’s what he writes. What do I care for the parents? That does not mean that you should not respect your parents, but it means that I am at a higher seeking, I have a higher seeking, I have to go in another direction.

You have lived in this direction, whatever it is you have balanced your life, but I have to ascend. And this is the message he has tried to put forward before you, very clearly, that is so obvious, so clear-cut.

Whenever he is so fight it, whenever he is so compassionate, whenever he is so gentle, whenever he is so modest, the inner line is one, that achieve your ascent, achieve your higher being, become that.

He has prepared ground for us here in England. As I told you many times, England is a very important part of the universe.

H.H.Shri Mataji
William Blake’s Birthday Celebration
28th November 1985, London
(DCB July-August 2006)

Our Divine Mother..!