Friday, July 8, 2011

Independence of the Self

And the meaning of Diwali is this: as the lamps are lit outside, similarly they should be lit within you. And you must also realize that you are like the lights in this world of darkness. You are the lamps and you have to emit the light. But if it has not been able to be enlightened fully from within, then how can you emit light? Think it over, too.

That is why in the first place, the Sahaja Yogis should ensure that the light is fully established. And possibly it could be the means by which we have come to this world. Until Jesus Christ no one ever spoke of these matters. He descended at the level of Agnya Chakra and revealed to the world that He did not have any ego within Him.

He was the son of the Almighty, yet He had no ego. Those who came before Him barely revealed anything, while Jesus Christ desired that our Agnya Chakra be set right. And that Agnya Chakra catches too much in your Delhi. What could be the reason?

At first the English came here to stay and then the Englishmen taught us how to be ghamand (proud and egoistical). It can easily be made out from your discussions. I have also seen all those days when our country was dependent (upon them), but you have come out of that dependency. Now there is swatantranta (independence).

And what is swatantranta ? Swa - to know your own Self and whoever has known his own Self, he knows the tantra (the mechanism or system) of his Swa (to master the knowledge of the system that drives the Self) .Through Sahaja Yoga you have come to know about yourself. And now you know that you are the tantra. Therefore, you have to be guided by that tantra yourself.

There has been a lot of development in Delhi that is visible. A lot of it has also been done beyond Delhi. The shortcomings and the faults in the people here are known to you. I need not tell you that. Now that you have become swatantra (independent), you should ensure that whether you possess such faults in you or not, the first and foremost trouble is that your own Agnya Chakra is catching.

Jesus Christ died. He was put on the cross, yet we did not learn anything from it. On the contrary, wherever there are Christian countries, they possess tremendous ego in them. They had their influence on us too. But the worst part here is that now we do not recognize each other. There is quarreling everywhere- fights everywhere. There is no purity of mind amongst each other.

So the first thing is that our minds are to be purified. Everything is possible in Sahaja Yoga. People can reach any position from anywhere. It is not necessary to go and sit in the Himalayas for that reason. You can do it in this city of Delhi itself. But if you look around, you will find egoistical people. They have their Agnya Chakra severely caught up. So it is really very difficult.

Now God has sent one new thing called cancer. If you are caught up with cancer and in case your Agnya Chakra is not set right, then it can never be cured. Instead there will be great trouble. That is why those who have cancer should take to Sahaja Yoga and try to get rid of the ego that is possessed within because wherever you have government, ego creeps into the people.

We have so many government servants here and they have a lot of ego within them. But it is more prominent with the people who have come from outside. They are veterans in comparison to the ones that we have here. And on top of it, they all take alcohol.

Just imagine they call themselves Christians, yet they all consume alcohol. So by taking alcohol, you are going against yourself only. You are opposing your own Agnya Chakra. You are not accepting it.

The person whose Agnya Chakra has been cleared, he can never take alcohol. He can never ever consume alcohol. You find people everywhere taking alcohol and they have no remedy either to overcome it. Instead they prefer to consume it.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Diwali Puja
Noida 10th November 2007
(DCB July- August 2008)
translated from Hindi

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