Friday, September 2, 2011

Soul-searching is important

Soul-searching is important to see, why am I so friendly with such and such person? If you think that you are friendly with such and such person for some other purpose, like somebody might say that, ' Oh, I am all right, because I am working with her,' or something like that, but why interested?

Because soul-searching is very important in these countries specially, because here there is no norms about how you behave with other women. So we have to be absolutely free as I said with each other in the sense like that brothers and sisters are.

And whatever are the limitations of a woman must be observed, like you see, say, if My brother is sitting with Me, I cannot watch a romantic picture. Cannot. If My daughters are there, My husband will not sit there to watch a romantic picture. It's very subtle.

With the brother you won't discuss something, normally, say about sex or about things like that, because it is such a private thing that you can only have this with your husband.

So, if he is a brother and you find him that he is trying to attract the person in a way that you should not, then you have to place yourself, against yourself, and see for your sake, why you are doing it? It's such a frivolous, nonsense thing, it's a joyless pursuit! So why should I do it?

Once you understand the importance that Sahaja Yoga, you can only achieve your ascent through purity. There's no other way round. Anything which is hanging on to you, will keep you down. And whatever you go, start dropping it out, whether it is ego, superego, anything.

But the highest of all is the purity of your mind as far as the sex is concerned. I will give it the highest part. That's what we call as innocence. That's the only thing that will take you ahead. And so we all should try to search our souls.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Raksha Bandhan Puja 7th August 1990
Los Angeles, United States

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